Critical thinking and ethical behavior for success in career

Criticalthinking and ethical behavior for success in career

Ethicsand critical thinking are fundamentals of academic achievement andlater on success in career. They both allow for diverse points ofview in myriad perspectives and allow for critical decision makings.It should be noted that ethical behavior and critical thinking goeshand in hand for cases that require the best decision making.However, they do not always go together because some aspects ofcritical thinking may fall off ethical behavior. A decision madewithout this consideration does not promote the well being one’scareer and organization. It is acceptable that both must accompanyeach other for critical decision makings in many aspects of life.

Fora successful career, ethics and critical thinking are required. Firstof all, it is crucial to note that future career is greatly shaped byacademic performances in school. This means that students shouldstart practicing ethical behavior and critical thinking skills backin school. For instance, future leaders must learn some ethicalvalues that are universal and use them to make judgment throughcritical thinking. Thinking critically in school can help students tosolve existing and arising problems in the course of learning. Inturn, they develop more knowledge to handle problems, which equipsthem for future career. However, this cannot be achieved withoutconsideration of ethical behavior. Every problem that requiressolving should underpin ethical behavior. For instance, one should bedisciplined and follow the right behavior in school in order to avoidsuspensions and expulsions from school. As such, it is apparent thatethics are of great use in academic and future careers. This routinecontinues until one starts working in corporations in differentsections.

Inwork place, ethics and critical thinking play much significance. Forinstance, when advertising a product to consumers, one must try to beconvincing (critical thinking), but not deceptive (ethical behavior).The marketer must try to appeal to the consumer to buy goods withoutlying to them on the same. In such a situation, critical thinkingplays a great role. The mode marketing should also not be demeaningor stereotyping as this may lead to loss of focus. Therefore, it isapparent that critical thinking is crucial for career growth (Pride,Hughes &amp Kapoor, 2010).

Thecourse of ethical behavior is crucial in leadership and management.Each company needs to adhere to ethical considerations in order to becompetitive. Senior management stresses on the need to embraceethical behavior as well as critical thinking. It goes beyond toinclude transparency and accountability, without which cannot happenwithout applying ethical behavior. The employees must adhere to setrules and standards in order to survive.

Ethicalbehavior in all situations of life should involve some aspect ofcritical thinking. This means that even though critical thinking isgood for an organization, it must adhere to morally acceptablebehavior. Some forms of thinking, such as stealing may requirecritical thinking but deviates from moral expectations. This may ruinnot only one’s career, but the entire organization in general. Onthe other hand, ethics alone may not benefit a company if there nocritical thinking. As such, more employers are interested inemployees who can apply their judgment in decision making withoutdeviating off from ethics. Employers are very concerned on how theycan promote their products while at the same time adhering to moralvalues. As such, both ethical behavior and critical thinking areimportant components for future career (Wankel &ampStachowicz-Stanusch, 2012).


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