Critical Thinking



Theprocess of critical analysis, all the ideas are equally put forth andclearly examined. Critical thinking is termed as rational thinking ofideas and equally identifying critiques to these ideas. In otherwords, critical thinking is the act of analyzing and idea in terms ofthe positive and negative aspects of the idea and identifying whichside dominates the other.

Whenan individual can assume the position at both sides, and clearlysupport an idea at the same time addressing its critiques, then weterm the individual as a critical thinker.


Modernday society is made of different arguments and, it`s inevitable forone not to adapt a critical mind when addressing every decision andargument. An argument can be termed as a form of discussion where,the different parties can express their disagreement towards theother. When one is critically analyzing an idea, one should researchon the idea appropriately. One should be aware of both the advantagesand disadvantages of the idea itself (Facione, 2011, p. 328).

Theraise interactive scenario is a good example of an argument that thesociety faces. When arguing one can state that the cop who does noteat donuts is the better cop in the police system. The cop maintainsa healthy diet that is quite vital in the working area as a police.The opposing party may argue and say that the other police includingthe sergeant are leading a healthy life too. On the hand, we canstate that the other police officers are better off and serve asnormal police officers do. The aspect exhibits the act of goingindifferent with the society, so we can argue that the cop whodoesn`t eat donuts has turned away from the law-enforcement officersculture.

Theargument proves to lean on the inductive side, where we can say thatit is an individual decision because he doesn`t do something peopledo in the society it doesn`t mean one is different.


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