Cultural Assessment



Beinga white female from Hispanic origin and a Catholic faithful, Ibelieve that my cultural orientation will significantly influence myduties as a therapist. Socio-culturalcomponentsare known to influence the choices, beliefs and values adopted by anindividual. These practiceshavegreat influence on the provision of healthcare services. Bothlanguage and religious beliefs will present significant challengesand opportunities. I expect that this cultural background will haveeffects on my approach to illness and disability. My approach tooccupational therapy will revolve the ability to utilize elaboratecommunication framework and engagement with the patients. I believethat our religious beliefs uphold the need to respect and take greatcare for the disabled and sick individuals (Gulla,2010).

Humaninteractions are driven by the communication between individuals.It is known that communication in the provision of healthcareservices is essential. In particular, good rapport in occupationaltherapy helps in enhancing faster recovery of the patient.I believe the ability to communicate in both English and Spanish willbe instrumental in handling the individuals who can communicate usingthe two languages. Further, our cultural values compel individuals torespect other individuals irrespective of their ethnicity,nationality, and religion. I expect that the interactions with theclients, colleagues, and supervisors during the occupational therapywill be open-minded. Effective communication will be driven by theadoption of the appropriate skills that mind the interests ofindividuals from other cultures(Billock, 2014).Further, our cultural background and religious beliefs requiresindividuals to treat other people in similar manner they would liketo be treated. In view of this, the interactions with the clients andcolleagues will be based on mutual respect. I believe that mycultural background will not jeopardize the achievement of positiveclinical outcomes.


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