Cultural Differences

Culture differs from one community to the next. I once experiencedchallenges when I was exposed to a different culture value. It was awedding ceremony of our cousin who has been married outside ourcountry. The cultural values were very different from ours and I wassomehow stranded based on that I was suppose to perform a ritual thatI could not comprehend the meaning of it. Additionally, the cousinsto the bride had to provide material assistance which in our case isthe bridegroom who provides. Before the wedding day we had to dancethe entire night and drink the traditional bear which in our case wedo not believe in those traditional practices that were conducted.

The meal that wasgiven was very different from what we consume in our country. Ilearnt that people who do not share cultural values can haveideological differences simply because they have never been exposedto such cultural values. I also learnt that one should not be selfcentered and justify that other people are wrong since they are doingcontrary to what you expected. Ideological differences must occurwhen cultural values are practiced by a certain society. Peopleshould be flexible and change according to the cultural practices ina wedding ceremony. In respect to this sharing of cultural values isimportant since it strengthen the relationship between twocommunities.

To promote culturalvalues community leaders should hold ceremony so that people canshare some of the practices. Interacting with others made me to beaware of how people value their traditions. Traditional practices arerespected and are conducted by certain respected people by thecommunity.


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