Dear Mr. Monroe,

DearMr. Monroe,

Iam an employee at Help a Child Foundation for the last five years. Iam writing this letter on behalf of the foundation to request foryour assistance in the course of our charity work. Help a ChildFoundation is a charity organization that helps school going childrenin developing countries by offering financial and material aid.

Manychildren in developing countries face financial constraints that seethem unable to attend school. The cost of education overwhelms manypeople who are struggling to make end meet have a hard time financingtheir children’s education. In such countries, education comes withmany financial charges other than school fees. School uniforms,transport, and meals are some of extra financial costs that come witheducation. This is where our organization steps in.

Overthe last ten years, our group has engaged in charity activities infifteen countries in Africa. Typically, children from slums andremote areas are our priority. With the help of local leaders and theschools in the locality, we supply key items to school children.Apart from financial aid in the form of school fees, we also give thechildren basic items to make their lives more comfortable. Theseinclude school feeding programs, free transport, and clothes.

Educationis one of the key development goals for all nations in the world. Iwelcome you to play a part in helping children with financialchallenges go to school. It is on this basis that we seek to engageyou in our charity activities. I strongly encourage you to thinkabout this request. We look forward to hearing from you.


(Putyour name here)

  1. Who is the intended audience?

Theintended audience is Mr. John Monroe, a philanthropist and businesswith a good rating on matters of charity.

  1. What are some of the demographic and&nbsppsychographic&nbspcharacteristics of the intended audience?

Mr.Monroe is a wealthy business person from Virginia who owns a chain ofcar shops. Having lost his first born child to a car accident at atender age, Mr. Monroe has a soft spot for children. As a way ofhonoring his son, Monroe uses part of his fortune to help needychildren, especially from developing countries. His love for childrenindicates that he is a good stakeholder to engage in our charityactivities.

  1. What is the purpose of the direct-mail package? Has it been designed to solicit a phone call response, make a mail-order sale, obtain a charitable contribution, or do something else?

Thekey purpose of the direct-mail package is to obtain a charitablecontribution from the recipient. The request, however, is notlimiting. Any form of contribution is welcome.

  1. What technique would you use to encourage the recipient to open the envelope?

Toencourage the recipient to open the envelope, I would use aninteresting teaser on the envelope to grab their attention. Adding acool teaser to the envelope will arouse the recipient’s attentionand encourage them to open the envelope.

  1. Does the letter follow the AIDA model or something similar? Describe how and, with underline point out each part in the margins of the letter. If not, explain the letter’s organization.

Thelatter does not follow the AIDA model. Instead, it uses a descriptiveapproach to explaining the nature of the request to the reader. Thefirst paragraph introduces the intention of the letter and the natureof the charity organization. The second paragraph explains theproblem that we need the reader’s help in tackling. The thirdparagraph explains what our organization does to solve the problem.Lastly, the last paragraph emphasizes the request being made to thereader.

  1. What emotional appeals and logical arguments does the letter use?

Theletter uses the necessity to educate children and the challenges theschool children in developing countries as the emotional and logicalappeals to woo the recipient.

  1. What reader-benefits does the letter offer?

Throughthe letter, the reader gets to know several things. They learn aboutthe existence of Help a Child Foundation and what it does. The readeralso gets to know that his efforts in this field are appreciated, andtheir input is needed to help solve the problem.