Dear Torvald,


Ihighly regret that our marriage have come to an end. Let me take thisopportunity to inform you that, this was the best decision that Ihave ever made since I got involved in your life. You have clearlybeen very unfair to me all through the eight years of our marriage. Idid love you but you took me for granted. Torvald, a marriage is apartnership and for it to work, everyone should be ready to sacrificetheir happiness for the other. In our case, you have shownselfishness towards me hence I had to leave regardless.

Torvald,you have always treated me like a type of a doll. You made meentirely dependent on you during our eight years of marriage. To you,I was simply like a puppet singing to the tunes of its master youmade me a slave. Take for example when you were teaching me of thetarantella. Honestly speaking, I was just pretending that I neededyou to teach me every move of the dance. I was being submissive justto please you, but I was not into it at all. In fact, it is clearthat you were just pretending to be interested in teaching me thedance, while in real sense you were interested in me physically andnot emotionally (Ibsen 447).

Asif being physically and mentally demanding was not enough, you werealso financially demanding. You did not trust me with your money. Youperceived me as immature, not able to handle finances. Let me put itclear to you am not a child, though you treated me like one. Youtreated me as your little ‘squirrel’. At times you gave me cash,but you were concerned that I would spend it on candy or otherchildish things. This is not the way to treat your partner Torvald. Ihave given you three children and I deserve to be treated like a wifeand not like a child.

Mydear, I have been referring to ‘the wonderful’. I expected this‘wonderful’ to happen to me especially when the forgery wasbrought to lime light by Krogstad. I expected you to stick to me as aloving husband and accept responsibility for the crime. You didn’toffer to help me but instead disparaged me (Ibsen 451). This is thepoint you could have proven your love and devotion to me Torvald, butyou wasted this chance.

Consequently,I clearly explained to you that I was tired of your ill treatmenttowards me. I was very certain that the revelation of the forgerycould make you stand by me at least. But instead you let me down asusual (Ibsen 456). Torvald, I believe that the decision I made is thebest decision not only for my own sake, but also for you and ourchildren. Living in a marriage without love is a traumatizing and ademeaning experience. As a submissive wife, I always treated you witha lot of respect, as a wife is supposed to do. I loved you but thatfeeling was not reciprocated.

Iam glad that you are remorseful. Trying to stop me from leaving onlyshows that you have realized your mistake, but it is too late forforgiveness my friend. As a woman I deserve a break from the agonyyou subjected me to during our marriage. If I continue living withyou and tolerate your disrespectful and inhumane treatment, I wouldsimply be committing a painful suicide of my soul and spirit. Thus, Iurge you to reflect and let me be. I am really disappointed that wehad to part ways Torvald.




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