Difficult Terms Describing the Inner Parts of the Eye and the Ear

DifficultTerms Describing the Inner Parts of the Eye and the Ear

DifficultTerms Describing the Inner Parts of the Eye and the Ear

Thetwo most essential sensory receptors are the ears and eyes. The eyeis the primary organ of sight while the ear’s major function isreceiving sound and enabling equilibrium. To understand these twoorgans, it is important to define some difficult terms used indescribing some of their inner parts.

Onedifficult term describing an inner part of the eye is theconjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a thin, colorless membrane thatcovers the white part of the eye. According to Ireland(2012),the main function of the conjunctiva is to deliver blood through itsblood vessels to the ocular surface for nutrition and immunitypurposes. Another difficult term in describing the inner eye is thevitreous chamber. The vitreous chamber is the large space between thelens and the retina occupied by a liquid called vitreous. The mainfunction of the chamber is to ensure the eye maintains the propershape to ensure the light passing through the lens falls directly onthe retina (Ireland,2012).

Theendolymph and perilymph are two terms describing the inner parts ofthe ear that I found very difficult. The endolymph is a liquid thatcarries the hair cells of the ear. The hair cells in this liquidhandle passing on information about the sound to the central nervoussystem (Ireland,2012). The perilymph is a fluid that covers the part of the ear knownas the membranous labyrinth. The membranous labyrinths are thechamber and tubes that contain the endolymph. The primary function ofthe perilymph is to offer moderation support to the membranouslabyrinth.

Fromthe discussion offered, it is clear that some terms that describe theinner parts of the ear and the eye are complex. Terms such as theconjunctiva, vitreouschamber, endolymph and perilymph require a person to use simple wordsto define them to enable simple comprehension.


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