Discussion Response 4q2NW



Accordingto Green (2015), a theoretical framework is a structure that supportsa theory of a research. It also explains the research problem andtries to proof its significance. Based on my understanding, you aretrying to research the effect of family systems and dynamics on thesocial, intellectual and academic development of African Americanboys.

Ilike your choice of themes to address in your research, although Isuggest that you narrow down your variables to single parentinglevel of income in families academic qualifications of parentsliving conditions access and affordability of healthcare andeducation and the mental state of parents when trying to developyour theoretical framework. You can use these variables to researchhow they affect the social, intellectual and academic development ofAfrican American boys. Through this, you can come up with proventheories such as African American boys who grow up in single-motherfamily settings tend to perform equally as their counterparts wholive with both parents (Robinson &amp Werblow, 2013) or thatfather’s parenting is indirectly linked to their children’sbehavioral problems (Choi, Palmer &amp Pyun, 2014).


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