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Thereare different symbols that are used in the creation myth. Accordingto the Chinese creation myth, it is out of an egg that the universebecame created. Considering an egg as the source of the universe,where the white became the sea and earth and the yolk became the sunand the sky, an egg can be considered to be a symbol that representsource of life (Leeming, 2010). Another symbol in the Chinesecreation myth entails the shining of the sun and the gathering ofblack clouds in the sky. The shining of the sun represents thehappiness of Pangu, while gathering of the black clouds is anindication of Pangu’s anger. Besides, the lice and fleas on Pangu’sbody are used symbolically in the Chinese creation myth to representancestors of mankind. Furthermore, the voice of Pangu has been usedsymbolically in the myth to represent the thunder.

Mythsmay or may have some creative higher powers, depending on the versionof the creation myth. According to the Chinese creation myth, therewas no creative high power since nothing was created under thepresence of certain powers. According to the myth, things justhappened since it was out of the egg that Pangu grew and later cameout, where the white became the sea and earth and the yolk became thesun and the sky. Upon his death, his body and various parts becamethe universe (Leeming, 2010). Thus, the myth conveys that there wasno creative higher power. The myth also indicates that man and womanwere not necessary in the forming of the universe since they are notindicated to play a part in the making of the universe. On the otherhand, the myth recognizes that there is heaven and earth, which tendto be farther apart from each other, and came through creation.


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