Argumentsfor legalizing of marijuana for recreational purposes

Thefirst discussion did not address the main question since the studentsupporting the legalization of marijuana on the grounds that it hasthe capacity to treat many diseases. The main bone of contention iswhether the law should allow people to use marijuana for recreationand not for medical purposes. This discussion makes marijuana appearas a useful medicinal product instead of focusing on marijuana as arecreational product, which increases the weakness of the argumentpresented by the student.

Inorder to defend the argument for legalization of marijuana, thestudent should have discussed the benefits that people and the nationwill get from the consumption of marijuana for recreational. Some ofthe benefits that the student should have discussed include anincrease in the well-being of consumers by reducing anxiety. Inaddition, the students should have strengthened the argument bydiscussing how a habit of consuming marijuana prevents differenttypes of diseases (such as cancer), which improves population health(Welsh &amp Loria, 2014). Discussing its capacity to preventdiseases does not depict marijuana as a medical product, but as asubstance that will improve the lives of consumers.

Argumentsagainst legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes

Thesecond made a relatively strong argument that opposes any attempt tolegalize marijuana as a recreational product. The student presentstwo strong supporting points that include the fact that marijuanasubjects consumers to the risk of contracting diseases and it acts asthe gateway to consumption of harder drugs. Although the argumentsounds good, a reasonable person may refute it by holding it to bebased on myths since the students did not support it with empiricalevidence. For example, the student may strengthen the argument byciting empirical studies and statics showing people who havecontracted diseases after consuming marijuana.


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