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Domino’sPizza Inc. is an American Retail Food Franchise specializing in pizzadelivery and other foods such as sandwiches, chicken, and desserts.The company is headquartered at Domino Farms Office Park, Michigan(Domino’s Pizza). Since its foundation in 1960, Domino’s pizzahas grown to become a large pizza delivery corporation in the UnitedStates, second to Pizza hut. The company operates 11, 900 stores in80 countries, making it leading pizza delivery company worldwide. Asa result, the company has been in the limelight with various articlesbeing written about its operations. This paper discusses three sucharticle features in recent news in regard to Domino’s Pizza Inc. Itis subdivided into four sections with three sections addressingretail store news and the other one addressing the number ofemployees.

Domino’sPizza Worker Shot during an Attempted Armed Robbery

ADomino’s Pizza employee was shot by an armed robber on October 1,2015, raising security concerns in the stores (Bohr). The incidenthappened in Milwaukee at the Domino’s Pizza located at SeventhStreet and Wisconsin Avenue. The 36-year-old man suffered non-lifethreatening injuries but was rushed to the hospital on time. Themanager of the Domino’s Pizza stored gave reassurance that theworker was fine and discharged from the hospital.

However,the incident spurred fear among workers about the state of thesecurity. In addition, the fact that no arrests had been made despitethe store having CCTV cameras and handing over the security video tothe police makes the nearby business people worried. Businesses inthe area are, therefore, calling on the police for more protectionwhile at the same time instituting some protective measures such asputting up bulletproof glass barriers (Bohr).

DougBaretz promised to do everything within his power to keep theemployees safe (Bohr). The company also demonstrated its commitmentto promoting workplace safety by offering a $4,000 reward to anyperson who assists in the arrest of the shooter by providinginformation to the Milwaukee Police Department. The Domino storeprovided the number for people with such information to call. Thisaction demonstrates the commitment of the branch’s management toensuring a safe working environment. Summary:Domino’sWorkplace Security Concerns

Domino’sPizza in Italy

Italyis the original home of pizza and the original source of the mostpopular foods in the world (Arbor). Therefore, introducing a Domino’sPizza store in Italy is considered as a foolish business decision.The store would most likely lead to losses owing to competition fromthe Italian food giants who enjoy a good market share in Italy.However, despite such challenges, Domino’s Pizza introduced itsfirst store in Italy. The company found a way to counter the demeritspresented by the Italian food market and the intense competition.

TheAmerican founded Domino’s pizza launched its first store underlocal ownership of e Pizza `S.p.A` in the northern city of Milan. EPizza S.p.A runs the Italian Domino’s branch allowing it to source100% of the ingredients from the local market to create a local pizzamenu (Arbor). It also combines the strengths of either branch tocreate a competitive advantage. For example, e Pizza S.p.A plans toutilize Domino’s excellence in technology to increase sales byoperating online. There are also plans of opening three more storesin Milan this year. Summary:VenturingInto Unfamiliar Markets

DominoPizza Shop Moves to Cornerstone of Centerville

TristanKoehler is a franchise owner of 20 local Domino’s Pizza stores(Fisher). The stores are located in various locations with some doingbetter than others. As a result, he has the responsibility of lookingfor the best location to put up a store in order to yield maximumyields. This is by doing market research to come up with the favoritespot to locate the business.

Therefore,Koehler plans to close one of the existing stores located at 5995Bigger Road, South Kettering. The store will relocate to Cornerstoneof Centerville’s Shoppes. The new location will offer betteropportunities for increasing sales owing to its close location totenants (Fisher). The new branch will also ensure that the Dominostore is centrally located in its delivery area, increasing the speedof delivery and reduce delivery costs. Finally, the new locationoffers a large kitchen area, making it possible to put up two highcapacity pizza ovens to accommodate the high takeaways demand(Fisher). Summary:RelocationTo Greener Pastures

Domino’sPizza Employees

Thecurrent number of workers at Domino’s Pizza Inc. was 220, 000 as atDecember 2013, but this number has increased steadily due to thecontinuous opening of new stores since then. The company isconstantly recruiting new individuals to work as permanent orpart-time employees. A recent article published in the New York Timeson Wednesday, October 21, 2015, cited that Domino’s was hiring 2000employees throughout North Carolina. The employees were to bedistributed in the 200 Domino’s stores in North Carolina (Marketson NY times). A typical Domino store requires delivery drivers,customer service representatives, assistant and general managers, andpizza makers. These employees constituted the entire team responsiblefor meeting the needs of the customers. Summary:Domino’sIn Store Team


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