Elevator 1. Lift


  1. Lift

  2. glass

  3. electricity

  4. doors

  5. steel

  6. air

  7. down

  8. vacuum

  9. light

  10. program

  11. architect

  12. technology

  13. height

  14. glass

  15. power

  16. Time

  17. Tools

  18. Machine

  19. Up

  20. Swift


b.Thought Process

A mongthe several words that I associated with &quotelevator&quot, I havebeen inspired by the word &quotheight&quot. The elevator isusually used in buildings with many floors up it helps traffic ofpeople moving in and out, down and up easier. This is how the wordheight popped into my mind while thinking of elevator. It isoutstanding on the list in terms of the fresh new idea that it bringsup and, therefore, inspired me to get &quotthe way up is down&quotas my slogan.

The Red Cross is a society basedorganization that has established its offices practically worldwidededicated to helping humanity in terms of disasters and theorganization, therefore, works closely with the doctors. One of themajor campaigns of Red Cross is on blood donation. Red CrossOrganization is going to the very low levels to help people in thesociety, service to the people is considered paramount in thisorganization. Blood donation, therefore, is among the ventures andactivities that the Red Cross engages in, giving out to thecommunity, helping a neighbor.

The way up is down portion of themain slogan and theme of the advertisement as per the Red Crosssociety. Red Cross practically humiliates and go down to levelsclearly they are not used and comfortable with. The best andadmirable feature about this worldwide organization is how they dothis with passion. Some the staff in this organization works formonths on a volunteer basis, and this means zero pay and they spendtheir money in commuting and responding to the nature disasters thatarises. To be a volunteer in the Red Cross one has to available to becalled on duty at any time anywhere as much as they mostly work indesignated regions. This is an admirable factor because the job isbasically for a pay but here are a special, peculiar people.

Going down to serve the lowpeople in times of need has helped the organization to climb theladders up among other popular companies in the internationalcompany. The many offices and branches not only in Africa but thewhole world that are self-sufficient work in coordination and harmonywith the communities in wherever regions they are in an amazing way.Blood donation is an activity the Red Cross got itself involved inrecently which have shown the tremendous change since then. Blood isa very important aspect of life and when it is needed it is always anemergency, and, therefore, the need for blood banks was introduced inthe country with endorsement by the government and sponsorship forthe campaigns with several nongovernmental organizations, Red Crossbeing forefront as a mover.

An advertisement done by the RedCross in the previous years has done wonders for helping countrymen,all citizens of sensitivity and importance of blood banks. Giving outblood in schools, various public points where people are educatedfirst, and the precautions are put into practice and it is great tohave Red Cross involved in this venture. A properly coloredadvertisement would improve the venture further.