English Multiple Questions Paper

EnglishMultiple Questions Paper

Englishmultiple question paper

1.Kleist’s story takes play in and around this city.


2.The doctor has Woyzeck on a diet of strictly


3.Gogol’s main character is offended when he is offered

Answer: a formal rebuke

4.Kant wants his readers to overcome their self-imposed


5.Candide ultimately does this

Answer:cultivates his garden

6.Name the work and the author of the work the character appear in

Describethe character and briefly discuss his/her significance within thework as a whole

  1. Karl the idiot`

AuthorGeorge Butchner

Worksof Woyzeck, Dead Souls.

Hewas caring helped to take care of Marie Child

Hewas often found mumbling to himself aimlessly (idiot)

Hepresumably became the child’s new care giver.

b) William

AuthorWilliam smith from lyrical Ballads

Hewas lazy because he stayed half a day relaxing as the author says‘why William, on that grey stone thus for a length half of day’

Hewas idler because the author describes him as a day dreamer who sitsalone and waste time.

  1. Jeronimo

AuthorHeinrich von Kleist

Hewas bold.

Hewas loving, after the earthquake of Chile he sought to find her loverJosepha

  1. Marie

AuthorGeorge Butchner

Worksof Woyzeck, Dead Souls.

Shewas loving because he was fond of his husband.

Shewas unfaithful since she could not resist the Stalwart and importantDrum-major by committing adultery.

Wascaring of her child because was pictured her baby mostly.

  1. Palageya grigorievna podtochina

Works’The Nose’

Shewas a humble staff’s officer widow.

7. Quote1



Theauthor shows how different the place they travelled to was from wherethey came from. The quote is used to show the peace and magnificencethat transcend in that place. He also shows how small place he hadseen only a thousandth of the city.


Worksof Robinson Daniel

Undertables turned

Theauthor implies that nature is beautiful and sweet and human knowledgedistorts the beauty of nature. The author shows human how toappreciate nature to make sure it remains to serve even thegeneration to come.


Worksof Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Theauthor tries to warn about taking debts or credit from anyone becauseit deprives one of freedom. He encourages people not to take debtsand to be persevere in difficult situation and be hardworking andsave because no fortune comes your way and lasts forever.