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EnterpriseRent A Car

Topic:How do we attract and hire more women into the business?


EnterpriseRent A Car is a company that has for ten years in row been classifiedin the top 50 employer for women including in 2015. The companyprovides car hire services globally. It has over 7700 branches and3000 employees. In the UK, Enterprise boasts of having residentsliving within 10 miles of one of its branch. The current projectseeks to explore how enterprise can continue attracting and hiringmore women into the business. The purpose of the projectplan is to provide a project definition, together with the goals andobjectives of the project. It has four major objectives which are to:

  1. Ensure that more women are attracted to work for .

  2. Ensure that the company hires as many women into the business as possible

  3. Ensure that remains competitive in the fiercely contented car hire business

  4. Ensure that women are comfortable in their work their talents are developed at all levels of the organizational management to improve the company’s future sustainability.

Thetangible outcomes for each of the objectives are also outlined in theproject plan and include increasing customer confidence withEnterprise, improve the company’s reputation in the public eye andthe society, improve business performance and finally improving workpractices in the company.

Differenttasks will be accomplished in order to achieve the different setobjectives of the project. They will entail advertising for jobpositions that are attractive to women, setting out jobqualifications that match women graduates, providing conducive workenvironment for women, providing in training services for employeesto increase efficiency and confidence in their work, giving womencontrol over their work, connecting to the society by giving graduatewomen an opportunity to work with Enterprise, and allowing flexiblework schedules for women. Success factors for the project will behaving more women apply for jobs at enterprise and having more womenworking and progressing their careers at the company.

Riskfactors for not completing the project will entail the companyfailing to live up to its dream of being a leading women employer. Inaddition, the company will have wasted funds on the project andultimately lose face in the public light. To reduce these risks, theproject plan ought to be followed precisely to avoid mishaps. Teammembers need to work as a team and embrace communication to achievethe set objectives.

Topic:How do we attract and hire more women into the business?

EnterpriseRent A Car is a multinational care hire services company with over7700 offices globally. The company is established as the biggest carrental firm in the United Kingdom. It has more than 360 branches and3000 employees. More than 90 percent of the entire UK populationlives within 10 miles of the company’s branch.

Purpose: The purpose of this project plan is to provide a project definition, together with the goals and objectives of the project. Besides, the project plan will serve as a binding document between the different parties including project steering committee, project sponsors, project team, project manager and other people involved in the project. The project plan defines the purpose, objectives, roles and responsibilities and project management approach.


1. The main objectives of this plan are to ensure that more women are attracted to work for . has diversity as one of its core principles and hiring women employees is one of its objectives. It has over the years been voted in the top 50 companies that women want to work for.

2. In addition to attracting women employees, the objective of the project is to ensure that the company hires as many women into the business as possible. The company must live up to its word of being a women employer company. According to studies, women are not as represented as men in the auto business. To increase sales of services that provides, women should be part of the business. Women are increasingly involving themselves in the car hire business and having a woman serving them increases their confidence level and trust with the business.

3. The objective of the project is also to ensure that Enterprise Rent A Car remains competitive in the fiercely contented car hire business. It must be able to provide high quality services to its customers and attract new more customers every year and retain them for future business.

4. To ensure that women are comfortable in their work, their talents are developed at all levels of the organizational management to improve the company’s future sustainability.

For each objective, What would be the tangible Outcome?

What Task must you complete to achieve each Outcome?

Who will manage each task











1. Having more women working for will increase consumer’s confidence with the company in particular female clientele. More women are likely to come to the business. In addition, attracting more women to the business will improve the company’s image and reputation for being diversity sensitive and more importantly gender equality.

1. Advertise for job opportunities appealing to women.

P roject team

2. Setting qualifications that are favourable to majority of women graduates.

Project t eam

3. Offering conducive work terms for women to ensure they stay in the organization, including good compensation and benefits as well as promotions.

Project manager

2. Retaining women in will improve and maintain the company’s reputation as a company where woman want to work for. engage in both internal and external gender equality activities as part of the company living up to its founding values proving to its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders of its commitment to upholding their values that define its success.

4. Offering in training and additional courses to improve employee’s capability t o handle their work with confidence.

Project manager

5. Improve customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction through motivating employees.

Project team

3. The car hire industry is a fiercely contented market and for to be the market leader must live up to its values and beliefs while offering quality services to its customers. Employees are the basic resource of any company. If it reflects the societal image in the company, stands to be at the top of the car hire industry.

6. Establishing a connection between society and the company. Providing more slots for women in the company at managerial levels will improve company’s image.

P roject manager

7. Giving women flexible work schedules to allow them balance between work and family.

Steering committee

4. This will help in improving working practices in the organization, establishing creative work practices which identify and develop talented women. This will bring work life balances for women working for Enterprise adapting to individual circumstances without affecting their opportunities for future career development.

8. Giving women more control over t heir responsible departments. Involving them in major decisions involving service delivery and organizational management.

Project manager

What are the Critical Success Factors for a successful project?

1. Having more women applying for job positions in Enterprise Rent A Car.

2. Having more women remain committed and working for Enterprise Rent A Car for years and growing their careers in the organization.

Who are the Team members and what are their roles?

1. Project Steering Committee whose work is to ensure that the project runs as stipulated and achieves the set objectives.

2. Project manager who is responsible for coordinating all the participants of the project in achieving the projects objectives.

What are the Risks of not completing this project?

1. Failure to complete this project will see Enterprise fail to live to its values of being a woman employer.

2. The organization will have wasted funds and ultimately lose face in the public.

How will each of these Risks be mitigated?

1. The use of the project plan to guide in the project execution will reduce risk of failure.

2. Having all team members of the project work as a team. Coordination and communication should be enhanced.

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