Ethics in Healthcare


Ethicsin Healthcare

Ethicsin Healthcare

Discussionquestion 1

Inmy opinion, alternative forms of obtaining community consentshould be actively employed. Asshown in the results of the research by Sheldon and colleagues,more involving ways should be used to getinformed consent. The methods should be those that not only informthe surrogate about the information concerning the research inquestionbut also check whether the surrogate has understood the informationgiven to them (Sheldonet al, 2015).The studyby Sheldon and colleaguesshowed that the use of computer-basededucation module to inform the surrogates and test theirunderstanding of the impacts of genomic rebased researchin the Intensive Care Unit was more effective as compared to the useof the conventional method. The use of forms to obtain consent is notsufficientenough as theICU environment usually influences surrogatesin signing the consent forms without a properunderstanding of the research and its implications (Sheldonet al, 2015).

Iwould feel exploited and dehumanized if my medical records wereusedin astudy basedon a previous illness. I have the right to give informed consentmy virtue of being human. Therefore, using my medical records withoutmy consentwould be similar to treating me like a laboratory animal. I also havethe right to be protected by the doctor-patient confidentiality.Therefore, the use of my medical record without my knowledge wouldalso breach my right to privacy, further dehumanizing and exploitingmy previous sickness against my will. In my opinion, it is unethicalto use someone`smedical records,whethercurrent or pastwithout their informed consent(Sheldon et al, 2015).


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