Europe`s Geography

Europe’s Geography

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Europe’s Geography

Assignment 3: Factors that Ledto Europe’s Global Dominance in Economic and Political Affairs

Europe rose to global dominancein economic and political affairs due to the Silk Road that linkedAsia to Europe. Through this road, Europe received goods, labor,technologies and raw materials that facilitated farming activitiesand led to a rise in industrialization. The age of discovery in theregion also led to discoveries of vast raw materials like coal andmanufacture of steel, which led to industrial revolution andurbanization. What is more Europe made a stride in science andtechnology, which facilitated its economic supremacy.

Increased industrialization ledto growth of towns and major cities. This led to substantial rural tourban migration caused by the urge to seek employment opportunitiesin the upcoming industries and factories. Migration to urbandwellings reduced population in the rural areas significantly andincreased crowding in these major cities. Over 26 million people fromthe Middle East, Asia, India, and Africa even migrated to Europe asearly as in 1989 in search of better employment opportunities,further increasing Europe’s work force. This increased efficiencyand production, and in so doing boosted Europe’s economic status.

However, following the first andsecond World Wars that were fought in Europe, the nation sufferedcasualties and immense damage that would take time to recover from.Besides, Europe relied largely on coal as the major source of energy.This changed after the war considering the increasing environmentalconcerns that discouraged use of coal due to its pollution and landdegradation effects. The environmental concerns coupled withadvancement in technologies forced Europe to shift to petroleum andnatural gas as forms of energy. These sources had to be imported fromMiddle East, further crippling Europe’s economy.


Figure 4.2a (p. 69) PopulationDensity Map