Evaluation of LensCrafters`s Operation Strategies and How the Company has gained Competitive Advantages

Evaluationof LensCrafters’s Operation Strategies and How the Company hasgained Competitive Advantages


Evaluationof LensCrafters’ Operation Strategies and How the Company hasgained Competitive Advantages

LensCraftersis accompanied that believe in proving excellent vision care byproving its customers with a pair of glasses or a better prescriptionof how one`s eyesight can survive long. According to the managers ofthe company, they believe that eyes are the &quotwindows&quot ofthe world that is supposed to capture memories and offer a personwith an immersed view of things and moments (Aramonyet al., 2004).On the other hand, it is true that vision and proper eyesight is aprecious gift that we should be passionate about when eitherimproving or taking care of each and every day.

Consequently,the company is fully committed to its services and products that areoffered to the clients in its stores. From the origin of eyesreverence that drove the company into providing the highest qualityvision products and care, the company has experienced a tremendousgrowth and competition advantage across the globe. Additionally, mostof its stores across the world have had unique selection featuresthat include excellent handmade frames, crafted pair of lenses, andlab services that offer the best brand services and products (Zemke&amp Schaaf, 1990). Moreover, the company has continued to invest more on moderntechnologies to enhance modern care for its customers’ eyes. As aresult, the company has established customized eye prescription thathelps the working staffs to make selections of the right eye framesand lenses for the customers.

Additionally,the associate workers in the LenCrafters` stores are well trained tomake sure that they have the rightful skills required to handlepeople with eye problems. Additionally, the workers are in oppositionof providing the customers with personalized eye health care servicesand products throughout the treatment and diagnosis process for abetter experience. Consequently, these have enabled the company tohave unique operations strategies that show that it has created aplatform through which it has gained a competitive advantageregarding operations and company sustainability. Additionally, thecompany shows a lot of love on offering high and quality standardsthat have made the company a leader in the vision care for the lastthirty years.

Analysisof LensCrafters` operation management

Thecompany has established unique and well vast operation managementstrategies that influence how customers feel about the company.However, despite the strategized operation management, the companyalso faces some challenges in its operation management. From thehistory of the company, the company has established top managementteam that take care and work towards meeting the demands from theclients. Additionally, the company is passionately committed toproviding quality vision eye care. Moreover, the company offerslatest styles of management trends and operations that enable theemployees to update the client with the current issues affecting theeyes and give proper eye care in the future. However, one of theproblems facing the operation and management is the fact that notevery client who visit the company is in a position to pay for theservices and products provided. Consequently, the company has beenforced to offer its services and products at low and subsidizedprices. This has affected its profitability and management of theoperations.

However,the company has committed its services to supporting programs such as&quotonsight&quot that is a non-profit and independent body thathelp in offering high-quality eyes services and care. As a result, todeal with the problem of serving many clients who are not in aposition to pay the services or products costs, the company’smanagement should seek for sponsors who can offer them with funds tokeep up with its operations and effective management. This is becausethe main focus of the company is to offer better vision services,healthcare, and products to its customers who visit their stores.

Secondly,because the company handles thousands of people every day, themanagement has been forced to employee many workers or volunteers inthe various stores and outlets some of them lack adequate skillsrequired to handle the customers. This has contributed to poorservices thus slightly reducing the number of clients visiting thestores. To solve this problem the company’s management should focuson training and offering workshop experience to both new and oldworkers to ensure that they have acquired the right customer careskills. The mission of the company`s operation management should beto embrace all the clients with eye problems with the best servicesfrom the volunteers, independent doctors, and both subordinate staffsand non-subordinate staffs. Moreover, the stores associates and thetechnicians who deal with lens and frames should have the rightcustomer care skills for effectiveness. Lastly, the company candevelop a reward program for its volunteers or employees who workexcellently and received the highest recommendation from thecustomers. These will encourage the employees to do their best whenhandling the customers (Aramonyet al., 2004).Additionally, during the training and workshop programs the operationmanagers should encourage workers to be on the fore line andvolunteer when serving the patients.

Valuechains that promote effective operations

Thecompany provides quality services that promote customerscertification and value creation. Firstly, the salespersons inLensCrafters are committed to offering the client with courteousservices when moving them around the stores. Additionally, thecompany embraces integrity and honesty when guiding the clients inthe selection process. For example, the salespersons are supposed towelcome the customers, greet them and enquire on how they can helpthem. These aspects have created values chain that attract a lot ofcustomers thus promoting effective operations that guaranteecustomers` satisfaction, value creation, and high quality of servicesand products offered.

Typesof performance measurements that show LensCrafters service delivery

Effectivemanagement of the very company is very crucial because it influencesservice delivery, profitability, and sustainability of the servicesand products offered in the system design. For LensCrafters, it isevident that its customers are satisfied with the service andproducts they receive from the company. The following two performancemeasurements can be used to measure the service delivery byLensCrafters.

  1. Customers satisfaction

Customersatisfaction is one of the measurements that can be used to measurethe level of service delivery within an organization or company.Customers in LensCrafters are more or less satisfied with theservices offered in the company`s stores and outlets. Additionally,the company has established a platform in its website where customerscan make compliments or complaints after visiting the stores. Thishas enabled the company to make changes in areas that show customers`dissatisfaction.

  1. The use of modern technology

Asmentioned earlier, the company is known for its use of newtechnologies when serving the requests and demands from thecustomers. Through the use of new technologies the company has beenable to brainstorm with its business partners, employees, onlineadvocates, customers, and manufacturers on a full-time basis whensolving issues that affect the company. For instance the use of awebsite that shows all the services and product offered y the companyhas enabled the company to reach many customers across the globe.Moreover, the online advocates working for the company advise thecompany on what shows bad and good customer service delivery to thecustomers. This is evident on the use of CRM and ORM systems withinthe company that enables the company to know what the customers needin health care (Thorne&amp Ferrell, 2002).

Technologiesused in LensCrafters

  1. Customized eye problems detection and frame selection

Thecompany uses a customized system that helps in detecting eye problemsand additionally helps the salespersons to prescribe correctly andhelp the customers in selecting the right lens` frames. This newtechnology has enabled the company to attract a lot of customersbecause it gives surety to the customers that they are buying theright frames or lens from the company. Therefore, the customizedcustomer care and service delivery system is a technology that hasenablesd the company to strengthen its value chain.

  1. The use of a website

Thecompany has a website that has strengthened its value chain bylisting all the services and products offered in LensGrafters’stores. The use of this technology has enabled the company to win acompetitive advantage over other companies offering the same servicesand products but does not advertise their products through websitesand published policies.


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