Fundamental Nurse`s Duties and Decision Making


FundamentalNurse`s Duties and Decision Making

FundamentalNurse`s Duties and Decision Making

Thefundamental duties of the nurses are to promote health, to alleviatesuffering, to restore health and prevent illness. To perform theseduties, nurses have to make decisions on a regular basis which formsthe operational part of their job. To effectively promote health andalleviate illness, a nurse should be able to make good decisions(Cherry &amp Jacobs, 2011). Decision making in nursing is associatedwith uncertainty, which professional nurses should make to ensure thewelfare of the patient. Therefore, a nurse has to base his or herdecisions on the standards of nursing, which influences theprofessionalism of nurses. Specifically, making such decisions isgreatly influenced by the NightingalePledge and the Hippocratic Oath.

TheNightingalePledge and the Hippocratic Oath are taken by nurses during graduationto align their practice to professional codes, ethics and standards(Scheffer &amp Rubenfeld, 2009).The pledge and the oath influence their practice making theminternalize ethics and professionalism in making decisions. A nursewill therefore make decisions whose results will meet theexpectations that he or she declared during the oath and the pledge.The oath and the pledge influence a nurse to perform the fourfundamental duties by guiding nurses to provide quality health carethat focuses ethical practice.

Theoath and the ledge task the nurse to make decisions that improve thewell being of the patients. The nurse will always put the concerns ofthe patient under consideration during practice. For instance, anurse will consider confidentiality rights, privacy and integrity ofthe patient (Kilipi, 2002). The internalization of the oath and thepledge creates a sense of responsibility for every decision made bythe nurse. This means that a nurse will be a good decision maker ifhe practices the oath in caring for patients.


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