Goals and Objectives of the CBP

Goalsand Objectives of the CBP

TheCustom and Border Protection (CBP) is a law enforcement agency in theUnited States’ department of home security. The agency is mandatedwith facilitating and regulating international trade and collectingimport duties. It is also mandated to enforce U.S. regulations suchas trade, immigration and customs. It is the largest agency withinthe United States. While its main task is to prevent terrorists andtheir weaponry from entering the U.S., CBP is also in charge ofarresting persons trying to enter the U.S. unlawfully especiallythose having criminal records. They also stem the flow of banneddrugs among other illegal imports defending U.S. agricultural andeconomic welfare from detrimental pests and diseases.

Dueto the gravity of their tasks, CBP has goals and objectives thatensure high efficiency. According to their strategic plan, CBP hascategorized its goals into two with several objectives in between.This paper will outline the goals and objectives entailed within thestrategic plan and how CBP intends to implement them for higherefficiency. The two goals are number 1 secure America’s bordersand number 2 strengthen the border patrols. This paper will give adetailed analysis of these goals and what objectives they entail.

Goal1: Securing America’s Boarder

Ita vital aspect for the country’s wellbeing to protect the bordersi.e. air, sea and land from unlawful entry of individuals, drugs,weapons and contrabands. The strategic plan ensures the followingobjectives are maintained.

  1. Prevent/thwart incoming terrorists and their weaponry

Owingto the 2001 attacks within the country, agencies came together amongthem CBP to ensure the event does not occur again. By utilizingcurrent intelligence, CBP conducts operations that prevent terroristsand their weaponry from crossing into the U.S. boarders. Theintelligence driven procedures identify and create completeunderstanding of the terrorists as well as transnational criminals.Due to the technological advancements, terrorists also devise newmechanisms. Therefore, it is of great essence for the agency tocreate, well formulated as well as actionable intelligence. Byenabling the sharing of information across all domestic and foreignlaw enforcement, the agency is able to account for this challenge.The need for security has enabled liaison with other countries suchas Mexico and Canada [ CITATION USC12 l 1033 ].

  1. Manage risk

Managementof risks entirely relies on creation and utilization of the mostaccurate information as well as intelligence. CBP’s capabilitiesare enhanced every now and then to ensure they adapt to the everevolving border threats. By employing qualified personnel, improvinginfrastructure and technology, CBP is in a strong position to counterany threats. The Integrated Mission Analysis assists in ensuring CBPis capable of handling threats. It helps commanders make decisionsto maintain current capabilities, re-allocate resources, create newcapabilities among other vital aspects. CBP also ensures mobileresponse capabilities, leverage technologies among other to manageany inbound risk [ CITATION USC12 l 1033 ].

  1. Disrupt and debase transnational criminal institutions

Theorganizations tend to control most of the illegal drugs as well asweaponry trades across the border hence posing a huge threat to thehomeland security. With cooperation from other Federal States, theywork to disrupt the organization from its root.

  1. Whole of government approach

Itentails integration of CBP with other government agencies to betterachieve the set goals. A comprehensive approach ensures there isunity across all the agencies ensuring maximum enforcement due to thecombined resources.

  1. Increase community engagement

Educatingthe public is also a vital aspect that increases effectiveness.Engaging the community tends to reduce crimes as well as violence.Stakeholders and partners such as congregational staffer academy,boarder community liaison and citizen academy enhance unity betweenlaw enforcers and the community hence improving security.

Goal2: Strengthen the Border Patrol

Tomeet the current and prospected organizational and operationalrequirements, the Border Patrol must continue improving on areas likehuman-capital management, leadership development, training,organizational integrity, technology research and doctrinedevelopment among others. The objectives include

  1. Strengthen investment in people

Sincepeople are the most valuable asset, it is quite vital to hirequalified applicants as well as train fresh employees. Invest inpeople strategy comprises of succession management, targetedplacement, advanced training and education, inter-agency assignmentsand mentoring. All this are meant to strengthen the quality ofemployees working within the patrol agency [ CITATION USC12 l 1033 ].

  1. Support Border Patrol Employee

Thisentails support of employees of the U.S. border patrol agency.Recognizing the various dangers they encounter while on duty is avital culture that ought to continue. Responsive employee supportprograms such as National Critical Incident Response Team (NCIRT) andthe Employee Comportment and Resilience Committee enhance employeerecognition in various aspects maintaining a cordial relationship.

  1. Preserve Organizational Integrity

Onlya minute percentage of corrupt employees have been documented by theU.S. Border Patrol. Corruption is unacceptable and several committeesto check on the same have been established. The strategy to curbcorruption entails contribution in internal as well as CBP-levelhonesty review committees.

  1. Improve organizational processes, systems, structures and doctrines

Thestrategy to achieve the same involves realigning and reorganizingheadquarters for utmost effectiveness and standardizingorganizational structures to codify appropriate policies andpractices.

  1. Enhance general efficiency of border patrol

Theborder patrol is responsible for ensuring all agents leaders as wellas support personnel perform their tax duties. Accountability is anessential aspect that will enable all objectives of the Border Patrolto be achieved.


TheBorder Patrol is mandated to oversee several aspects vital for thenation’s wellbeing. They stop influx of terrorists and the weaponryacross the borders, track down transnational criminals among othervital responsibilities. The adoption of a strategic plan to achieveeven better results is in order. By implementing the two goals andthe objectives entailed in the strategic plan, efficiency will behigh, hence resulting to a safer nation.


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