Growth across the Continent and Expansion Overseas


American imperialismwas a period when the United States wanted well established economic,military and social cultural values than other territories. Duringthis period, the United States had to expand so that it could createan empire that was strong economically and military. After expandingto other territories, they formed American empire and thus they hadto compete with other empires like the Britain Empire. AmericanEmpire was first known when the United States engaged in the war in1846. The war was between the Mexican American and the United Statesbased on that they wanted to conquer Mexican and western territoriesso that they could make American empire strong.

Liberty enlighteningthat allowed the immigrants to join the United States gave thesettlers a go-ahead to expand westward by conquering other nations.For example, in the film clip there are those settlers who arrivedVirginia all the way from England. The settlers had the right toexpand to westward based on the fact that they were immigrants, andthey had the right to stay in the United States and make sure thatthey uplifted the economic situation at that time. Based on thatUnited States are concerned a lot with democracy the immigrants weregiven the freedom to cultivate and even trade with other nations.During the 19th century foreign territories like Hawaii and otherLatin American which had a ruling government if experiencedchallenges could be declared unfit to continue ruling itself (Eric60). The American government had the power to intervene and make itone of its territories since it was unstable to rule itself. Theweaker government could seek support from stronger empires likeAmerican Empire and Britain Empire.ASSIGNMENT 2

One of the impactsof expansion to Native Americans was that the locally availablematerials like hunted animals and other agricultural produce werereduced since the settlers had to hunt and consume the localmaterials. It implies that there was food shortage to the NativeAmericans posting a lot of threats both to the Native Americans andthe settlers. The second impact was that the Native Americans way oflife was changed by those people who expanded their empire. TheNative Americans could not relate well with the settlers since theywere treated unfairly (Eric 50). The third impact of expansion on theNative American was that there was the introduction of new crops andanimal breeds that favored both the Native Americans and thesettlers.

Industrializationand workers made the economy of the Americans record high growth. Atthe same time, the number of the immigrants increased, for example,in 1860 to 1910 the population of United States was recorded to have91.9 million comparing with 31.4 million. When industrialization hadnot taken place, manual laborers who were acquired throughenslavement did not perform well comparing with the period whenindustrialization was encouraged. Industrialization allowed theworkers to sigh labor contract with the immigrants. The growingworkforce made the number of the workers increase rapidly. Factoriesthat required laborers worked for only 12 hours and six days weekly.Later the federal government employees were permitted to work foronly 8 hours only for federal public servants but not privatesectors.

Racial and ethnictensions were experienced mainly between the immigrants and theNative Americans. The settlers also were racially discriminatedbecause the Native Americans were not able to handle manual jobs. Thenatives were given the white color jobs while others were givenmanual jobs in the factories. The immigrants were not allowed to ownhouses and even get a good education and thus racially beingdiscriminated.Assignment 3

The topic I examinedis the industrialization and workers. Before industrialization hastaken place harsh working conditions was the order of the day.Workers used to work in unsafe place, and others lost their liveseither through inhalation of chemicals or accidents in the factories.The laborer had to work day and night to meet the high demand for thegoods both in the factories and in the plantations. After I haveconsulted an article, I have noted that industrialization increasedefficiency and production that met the demand of the consumers. Theprofit was also increased, and workers who had knowledge of automatedmachines were employed. Besides that, there was the division of laborsince the workers had time to do what they know best. Division oflabor helped the workers to specialize in the particular field wherethey had to perform well and deliver a finished product. The workingconditions were improved so that the workers could have favorableworking conditions. Child labor was abolished, and discipline wasstrict since supervision was not conducted. The working hours werereduced significantly so that the workers could be motivated.

Industrializationand workers have deepened my understanding of United States historysince I was not aware that workers used to work in unfavorableenvironment. There were no ventilation in the factories and workingfor many hours day and night. Additionally, I acquired information onhow racial and ethnicity tension increased between the immigrants,settlers, and the Native Americans. The Native Americans could nothandle manual jobs as immigrants could do. This caused a lot ofethnicity differences and discrimination for the workers. The NativeAmericans were educated, and they had the privilege to getwhite-color jobs.

Through workersunions, the issues concerning the American workers are solvedamicably. The rights of the works and the working conditions havebeen established. Child labor is not allowed at all cost. The normalworking hours have been set and the hourly rate per hour is alsoguaranteed for the workers. Industrialization has made the economygrowth rate to triple. A favorable working condition motivated theworkers and even has resulted in an increase of immigrants who expandto look for greener pastures in the United States.

Progressive PartyPlatform aim was to ascertain that justice was guaranteed both to theimmigrants, settlers, and Native Americans. The party had to maintainthe spirit of the “government of common people, by the people andfor the people (American, experience 1).&quot Progressive PartyPlatform supported industrialization and workers through social andindustrial justice by making sure child labor was not encouraged,setting wage standards for the women. Additionally, night work wasnot allowed to women, and young individuals and they were supposed towork for only 8 hours only. Progressive Party Platform spearheadedworkers to rest for only one day per week and working for 8 hoursdaily. If the Progressive Party Platform is still operation impliesthat we could have a different united state. It implies that workerscould be working to various companies in a contract based and notworking for the entire day. The working rate per hour could be higherthan the way it is.Assignment 4

What I havecompleted successfully from this module is that when theindustrialization takes place the workers working conditions have tobe changed significantly. Industrialization implies that the countryshould compete with other industrialized countries so that freemarket economy is attained. Employees cannot work well when theirdemand is not met. I have learnt that there is the need to providefavorable working conditions so that the employee’s productivitycan increase. Specialization in the companies should be encouraged sothat the best final product is available to the customers whendemanded.

What I can apply tothis module is that history changes with time, and thus we need tochange still. For example, the laborers and enslavement that wasencouraged back in the 18th century does not exist today. I havelearned that workers should be respected, and their workingconditions be improved so that goals of the organization can beattained. Learning of this course is meeting my personal goals sinceI have learned that expansion to other countries may result togreener pasture as compared to that one of my country. Additionally,business can be expanded so that they can be multinational companiesthat increase the organization profit. What I can do differently isthat I can apply strict rules to those who discriminate others due toethnicity. Discrimination is a major drawback that cannot make thecountry to increase its growths since competent individuals may bediscriminated resulting to poor performance in any sector.

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