Gun Control




Everyday more innocent people are killed as a result of inappropriate useof guns. This stems up from poor moral behavior among licensed gunowners. Some people may argue that innocent killings occuraccidentally, but the general feeling is that there is a need formore restrictions to be enforced on gun licensing and ownership(Burger, 2002, np). It is surprising to realize the big number oflives that could be saved if simple restrictions could be enforced ongun ownership. This paper is an argument for the kind of restrictionsthat could save America from the tragedies that stem from rogue gunusers.

Aproper background check should be done before someone is licensed toown a gun. Most of the people behind the trigger during innocentkillings often show early signs of inappropriate use of firearms. Itcould be a psychiatric problem or sheer mischief on the part of thegun holder. A good background check will enable the licensingauthority to uncover such mischief or social problems that could behelpful in making a decision on whom to issue licenses to. Havingsiblings or other close family members to be cosigners when onerequests for a license can also help in the background check (Dube &ampGarcia-Ponte, 2013, p.397-417). Close family members are usuallyaware of any hereditary or socially acquired organic or inorganicproblems. Therefore, such people will be a good source of informationwhen conducting a background check.

Thereshould be stricter laws and legal action enforced on the black marketarms trade. Even with a strict background check and even stricterlaws governing gun licensing, black market trade for arms serves as amajor blow and setback to the illegal ownership of guns. Corruptionhas made it easy for illegal weapon traders to go scot-free evenafter being busted by law enforcement authorities. Not only are thesystems handling illegal weapon trade cases relatively weak, but alsoport clearance of such commodities raise a lot of questions. Manyindividuals cannot fathom how some of the gun owners are able to gettheir hands on such lethal weaponry and yet the gun laws upheld atthe ports are supposedly stringent (Lott,2013, n.p).

Agerestrictions should also be enforced on gun ownership. In somestates, the minimum age requirement for gun possession is 21. Mostparents are relaxed when it comes to their children handling guns.Due to the fact that children are growing up seeing guns on TV everyday, they tend to think it is normal to possess and use firearmsinappropriately. Some of the innocent and illegal killings thathappen in schools are as a result of such behavior. Therefore, statesshould adopt restrictions that bar gun possession below a certainage, most preferably 21. Additionally, some locations should bedeclared gun free. Public places such as schools are usually lessdangerous therefore, carrying around a weapon is unnecessary (Dube &ampGarcia-Ponte, 2013, p.397-417).

Possessionof weapons of assault should be under tight restrictions. Theseweapons are popular among illegal gang members and mafiaorganizations. Restriction of such weapons will promote genuine gunpossession on the basis of personal protection. Additionally, largecapacity magazines should be highly restricted because it is lessprobable that the primary intention to own such a weapon isself-protection (Dube &amp Garcia-Ponte, 2013, p.397-417).

Inconclusion, gun control seems to be a myth throughout the country.However, it should be taken seriously because the more we are relaxedthe graver the consequences. There should be no option on gun controland therefore, forcing these restrictions upon people to filtermurders and criminal activities should be done if necessary.


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