Health Care Week Three

HealthCare Week Three

HealthCare Week Three

Reviewthe article and give opinion

Thearticle authored by Jane Cottlieb (2010) in the NewYork Timesregards the subject of changing names for some health care medicalinstitutions from what they were traditionally known. For instance,the proposed change of mental retarded foundation from MentalRetardation and Developmental Disabilities to DevelopmentalDisabilities Services. Legislators argue that the change could havepositive benefits with it as some scholars and parents of victims andfounders equally suggest. Gottlieb (2010) argues that the name changeat the agency to remove retardation would help in giving allmentally-disabled children an identity. Peter M. Rivera, the formerchairman of the Mental Health Committee, however, argues thatchanging this name would make the mentally retarded persons losetheir identity since the new proposed name by legislators does notclarify who the organization or agency is referring to. This paperholds the opinion that the name needs to change since of all thestate departments or agencies that used the title “retardation, “itis among the two remaining together with Rhode Island.

Whatchanges and new ways of receiving care outside of traditional doctoroffices and hospitals is helping to improve access to day to daymedical care?

Traditionalways of receiving medical care from traditional doctors’ officesinvolved using money in the form of cash. The method prevented manypeople in the United States from getting proper and quick medicalcare since not all of them had cash. Furthermore, not all thediseases could be treated since it all depended on what the patientcould afford. However, with the coming of new methods of funding themedical care especially the introduction of premiums among New YorkState individuals and other states, a lot of improvements have beenrealized in this sector. Most diseases are now covered with theinsurance companies as opposed to the former days. A researchconducted to review the changes in premium rates in 13 states andDistrict of Columbia revealed that the lowest and second lowestsilver market place plans in 2016 were expected to rise incredibly.The study indicated that Minnesota will increase from 18.5% in 2015to 28.7% in 2016 (KaiserFamily Foundation, 2015).This is a major indication that health care services would be moreaffordable and easily accessible.

Theinvention of private option Medicaid at Arkansas has also to a largerextent brought with it major improvements in the accessibility ofmedical care. It is suggested that this option has helped in reducinguninsured rates and uncompensated care costs. The Kaiser FamilyFoundation (2015)publisheda report that was compiled after conducting an interview withinsurance providers, state officials, and consumers and also afterreviewing the Arkansas data in 2015. The report revealed that it wasthe first institution to acquire an insurance waiver from the federalgovernment for adults who were eligible for the private Medicaid andcould access it from the market. It was also able to enroll manypeople through the private Medicaid where most of these people couldnot go to the hospitals and doctor offices to seek medical care astradition demanded.

Medicaidinitiative to pay premiums in association with federal governmentrecorded an increase in medical cover of Arkansas people with thecurrent adults under cover reaching over 245,000 newly eligibleadults.

Medicaidhas also reported a drastic reduction in the uninsured rate amongnon-elderly adults. Current statistics indicates that the drop hasbeen from 27.5 percent to 15.6 percent. Also reported is a 55 percentdrop in uncompensated care in the state’s hospitals. Of all these,the Medicaid clients have benefited the most, and the rate of medicalaccess has also increased.

Whatdo you think of these resources?

Healthcare.govhas vital information about health insurance market place and isvital for ensuring that an increased number of people access medicalinsurance.

Oregonhealthcare.govpresents the Oregon inhabitants with an opportunity to search andapply for Medicaid online. This serves to further increase accessto medical care either through private option Medicaid or throughinsurance providers in association with several hospitals.

Centersfor Medicare and Medicaid Services are resourceful for individual toobtain a medical insurance or cover and in turn make America healthy. vital information on the activities and research worksundertaken by Kaiser Family Foundation. The resource offers importantinformation on health care across the United States.


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