Health Insurance


Asthe CEO of an insurance company one does find the company in which heis running going through challenges in which most of them come fromclients who have numerous accusations that we are in the business tosteal away their hard earned money. In this line of work it is acommon thing to have a few individuals whose only motive is tosabotage and tarnish the name of the company I run. Basicallycompetition from other rival companies within the same market makesit even more challenging as others will go to greater heights toensure the down fall of my company.

Inthis particular case which was based in the movie SICKO, my healthinsurance company has been portrayed as a fraud organization. In thefilm health insurance companies have been put on the spotlight asbusinesses set out to fetch innocent people’s money. It has furtherbeen shown through some of the interviews conducted that people whothought they had adequate coverage but later came to the realizationthat they were not in a position of accessing any care at all. It hasfurther been implemented on how some of the former employees frominsurance companies who gave description on how insurance companieshave the tendency to use certain cost cutting strategies that resultto huge bonuses that would only benefit them and not their clients.

Generallythe film main agenda can be seen as a way to influence our customersnot to trust us in offering adequate and efficient services (Askin &ampMoore, 2012). Something people are forgetting is that it was a oneinsurance mistake, thus meaning not all companies care about profit,for my company it is more of peoples health first then money follows.A health cover is so important and advantageous at the same time,this because no one plans to get sick so it is most of the time anunfortunate situation (Afifi, Andersen, Rosenstock &amp Kominski,2013). Someone with an insurance cover does not panic of whether tovisit a specialist this because with cash or no money you will stillbe treated. Am sure people are worried if they pay for a specificcover the limits won’t be met by the company, but we are here toassure you that all the limits shall be met accordingly (Jonas,Goldsteen &amp Goldsteen, 2013). If one acquires a health insurancecover that means you’re in an agreement with the company to meetall the limits cover as it got signed.

Additionally,as an insurance company our medical cover ensures to provideeffective medical care which includes seeking better assistant frommobile medical team ready to give assistant (Bekkers &amp Moody,2014). We also have other covers which involves lottery that w ensureseveral of the members into a trip overseas combined with allexpenses paid. We only desire to prove to all our esteemed andtrustable customers that we shall transact in open, agreeable andbeneficial covers. We shall extend our face to face relationship withour clients to ensure that all our services are followed and adheredto the kind of cover taken. As an insurance company we offer servicesthat we ensure that all our clients get the required and effectiveservices that will not be a disappointment. Basically we areclarifying to our customers that other companies have intentions oftarnishing the relationship we share with our clients for we alwaysdeliver, fast, effective and efficient services (Atlas, 2011).


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