Didthe reading change your perspective on something? Explain

Thereading changed my attitude on HPV. For instance, I realized that thevaccine of HPV available, its uptake is inconsistent. Throughapplication of theories of behavioral uptake, I understood theintentions to receive HPV vaccine among men and women. My attitudetowards HPV also changed for social support as the determinants foran individual to be vaccinated. In essence, this contributed to myperceived ability of being vaccinated against HPV.

Howmight you be able to use this information in your career in healtheducation provide specific examples

Thisinformation can be used to help me in career development bystrengthening my perceptions and attitudes regarding the socialsupport for vaccination in regard to HPV. It also enhances my beliefthat underlies the perceptions and attitudes of social support forHPV vaccination. Through understanding of intention of HPV, I can beable to help men and women protect themselves from infections. It hasbeen noted that many people engage in sexual relations with multiplepartners and this can greatly influences the chances of them beingill. The current research is applicable to the theories of behavioraluptake. The research shows that the in U.S alone, women get infectedafter one year of sexual encounter. Through, this, I can educate themin regard to best methods of sexual encounters through avoidance ofmultiple sex partners.

Howdoes the reading impact or relate to the community?

Thereading is imperative in our society since the cases of HPV have beenon increase. Sexual, Psychological and relationship influences theinfection. It has been noted that women are stigmatized when theyhave HPV. In my community, women have been posed to have less sexualdesire, arousal, frequency, orgasm and more negative feelings towardssex.