Themission is a stirring film that is spiritual, compelling, andpowerful. It is an action that happens in the South of America. Twogreat forces of colonialism happen to be in competition for the mindsand hearts of the Native Indians. There are also imperialists who aimat developing trade in slaves and riches. There is also the existenceof missionaries who aim at converting the Indians to Christians.Mendoza is the movie`s central figure. He starts as the firstimperialist kind but ends up as the second. At the beginning of thefilm, he deals with the trade of slaves. However, after murdering hisbrother due to anger, he seeks for redemption, which he receives fromthe missionaries who assigns him a penance that is agonizing.

Themissions of the Jesuits were safe since they were under theprotection of the Spanish law. However, a treaty had been signed, andthe land of the Jesuits now belonged to the Portuguese. The laws ofthe Portuguese allowed slavery. The Colonials of the Portuguese aimat enslaving the natives. However, the mission of the independentJesuit did not agree with that. Due to pressures from the Portuguesegovernor and Cabeza, Cardinal Altamirano has to make a choice betweentwo evils. Making a ruling that favors the colonialists will meanthat the native people have to become slaves. On the other hand, ifhe makes a ruling that favors the missions will mean that the entireorder of the Jesuit might end up being condemned by the colonialPortuguese thus fracturing the European Catholic Church. Aftervisiting the missions, Altamirano gets very amazed by seeing theirsuccess and development as well. The cardinal tries explaining whythe missions have to be closed, and he also instructs that theGuaranis have to leave. The natives have to leave since the lawsallowed slavery thus they were to be used as slaves. The authority ofthe Cardinal is questioned by the Guaranis, and the priests statethat they have to defend the missions in case they get attacked bythe colonialists. However, they are not decided on the best waythrough which they can defend themselves. According to FatherGabriel, using violence will be a crime that is against theirChristian teachings. However, Mendoza ends up breaking his vows withthe aim of defending the mission militarily. Against the wishes ofFather Gabriel, Mendoza teaches the European war art to the natives.The role of the Church was to protect the people from thecolonialists and also convert most of them to Christianity. After theChurch had ordered for the Jesuits to leave the missions, theyresponded that they had to defend the missions and the native peopleas well.

Themission is attacked by a joint force of the Spanish and Portuguesetroops. Initially, Mendoza, the Guarani, and Fielding defend themission. However, they do not match the military force that hasattacked them, and Mendoza ends up being wounded after he is shot.Father Gabriel and some other Christians try to slow down the attackof the colonialists by singing. However, most of them lose theirlives as the Portuguese commander commands them to be attacked. Thecommander is killed by Fielding, who is then killed.

Thisclass has helped me learn a lot of things that I did not know. Forexample, I was able to learn of the different cultures and their waysof lives. That is because each of the cultures are different fromeach other thus I have managed to learn some of the differencesbetween the cultures. I also got to learn about how the Europeanswere able to colonize various countries and how the colonializationtook place. Taking this course also helped me understand how thenatives were treated during the colonial times. The cultures havebeen changing, but this course helped me understand very manycultures. Some cultures still hold on to the beliefs and traditionsthat they used to have.

Biochemistrycan be described as studying the chemical processes that relate tothe organisms that are living. It helps in controlling the flow ofinformation by biochemical signaling. It also helps in the chemicalenergy flow by metabolism. The processes of biochemistry lead to thedevelopment of a life that is very complicated. The course has mademe learn more about life that I did not know. Initially, I thoughtthat life is very simple. However, taking this course has helped meunderstand that life is very complicated and involves a lot ofprocesses that have to work together. Some topics were interesting inthis course. One of them is molecular biology. The topic helped meunderstand how encoding genetic information in DNA helps in creatingthe life processes (Berg,Tymoczko, Stryer &amp Stryer, 2002).Studying the course has also made me interested in getting to learnmore on biochemistry. That is because I want to have a betterunderstanding of life and how organisms live as well.


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