HUM Discussion



Circumcisionis one of the ancient rites of passage dating to the Old Testamentperiod in the Bible and has been passed on from generation togeneration to the new age and time. It has become in its sense anacceptable practice that has been even supported by scientific factsand evidence to better living. The significance of the tradition mayvary from one grouping to another but it is consider as a rite ofpassage to something new. The Maasai is community known to uphold itstradition to this age and time, with circumcision seen as a pillar oftransition of childhood to adulthood. As recanted boldly by TepiltOle Saitoti in his journal “ My Circumcision“ clearly circumcisionis seen as an important step towards the development of the young boyinto a fearless warrior in the community (Saitoti,1986).It is taken with keen thought and precise meticulous planning withthe utmost respect for tradition and ancestry linage. It is marred bydos and don`ts which clearly keeps the tradition alive and spectacleof pride to the community. The act of bravery, patience andperseverance is rewarded with a new title and a new group of peers aswell as earned respect in the community. This is quite the rite ofpassage symbolized from transition from a young boy to a junior Moran(Saitoti,1986).

Amodern day type of rite of passage is graduation. It has become aaccustomed tradition symbolizing the transition from one stage toanother. The practise has become part of the new society and hasbeen accepted as a rite of passage. Graduations cover the stages oflife from that infancy to adulthood. It can be interpreted in manyforms such as Baptism transition in the infancy stage. The ceremonyaccompanied by the process of baptism makes it a rite of passage.Also, graduation continues in the education system from the earlychildhood to the tertiary institution. As uttered during thegraduation ceremony “ … you have the power to read and do all whatappertains to your degree. Go ye out there and prove it to theworld…“. As depicted it is a symbol of transition to a new stagein life.


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