Improving Consumerism




Agenciesemploy psychologists so that they may provide marketing advice. Theirknowledge of psychology and the way the brain works place them in thebest position to identify what may appeal to different people.Consequently, the marketing agencies can produce attractive advertswith more appeal to the audience (Zehner, 2012).

Marketersuse a package of strategies. Companies like Nike shoe uses bro-ingstrategy. It involves shoe and apparel marketers that dress down andhang with the urban to identify what the youth can market as coolfrom what they cannot (Zehner, 2012).

Affluenzais the obsession with material things and wealth. The obsession withwealth develops into a disease that further affects people at boththe individual and societal levels. Consequently, affluenza latercontrols people’s consumption behavior. The process of developingaffluenza involves the various efforts to keep up with Joneses. It isa term to describe the adaptation and copying of what people see ontelevision. Such things include the need to buy bigger cars, live infancy rooms and buy new furniture. The efforts further extend theneed to model their body parts such as noses and boobs. Without thisaffluenza is the effect of depression and low self-esteem. The highprice of materialism includes the short-lived effectiveness inimproving people’s moods. Materialistic obsessions with wealthindirectly correlate with psychological health in terms of theinterpersonal and family relationships. The association with greaterwealth relates to greater unhappiness (Zehner, 2012).

Downshifting is the process of adjusting from five-stars to normal life.Consequently, people let go off some work activities and decide toslot in less engaging work with more time to self. It is the processof engaging with real life that is said to be more fulfilling.Millionaires that were previously busy with business choose to engagein other activities like sports or volunteerism as a way to reconnectwith real life. There are people that decide to sell off most oftheir possession as a way of reducing their burdens. Downshifting isa way to reconnect back with reality (Zehner, 2012).

Swedenplaced a ban on child marketing. It eliminated any marketing directedto children under the age of 12 years. Specifically, it was againstthe placement of adverts during any cartoon program time.Consequently, the psychologists hailed the strategy as a success. The children depicted a declined list of the items they requestedfrom Santa (Zehner, 2012).

Theargument behind the gross domestic product is its association withthe measurement of income and national wealth. However, GDP fails tomeasure the extent of life satisfaction. That way, it would holdgovernment accountable for the citizen’s happiness, safety andhealth (Zehner, 2012).

Veggielibel laws are disparagement laws that are against the efforts ofinvestigative writers and their reporting of the food industry. Theyare a part of legislation enacted in thirteen states. The laws enablethe food industry stakeholders to sue investigative journalists thatcriticize their foods. Consequently, breaking the law becomes more ofa criminal as opposed to a criminal offence. The laws leaveinvestigative journalists at the mercy of the agribusiness plaintiffsthat are given the advantage to provide the burden of proof. Once theburden of proof is affected, not even scientists can save them. Thelaws inhibit the freedom of writers to comment honestly on foodproducts (Zehner, 2012).


Zehner,O. (2012). Greenillusions: The dirty secrets of clean energy and the future ofenvironmentalism.Lincoln, MI: University of Nebraska Press.