Improving the Hospital

Improvingthe Hospital

Improvingthe Hospital

Alearning organization is an institution that obtains knowledge andtransforms fast enough to be able to thrive and survive in a swiftchanging environment. A successful organization over a given periodis an organization that implements the characteristics of a learningorganization. The complex adaptive system theory allows change tooccur in an organization freely thus assisting in the improvement ofa good learning healthcare.

Thehealthcare facility requires many changes in its organization becauseit does not support the concept of a learning institution. It stilluses the olden and traditional methods of leadership where by theorganization follow a linear hierarchy management. The people in theorganization do not feel free and have room to give their opinion indifferent matters in the organization. It has a vision set by themanagement that other employees follow without questioning. It shouldnot be so because times are changing, there is high competition,technology has increased, and customer’s preferences have shifted.

Theorganization needs to create room for its members to continuelearning depending with changes in the environment. The organizationshould encourage group learning. This is because it will help theteam members learn from each other, through the methods they use totackle a problem, question assumptions that they have, and getfeedback from the group and from their own findings(Berson &amp Waldman, 2015).Secondly, the organization should allow everyone to understand,contribute, and participate in the vision of the company. This willenable the members to be committed to their work as they participatedin the formation of the vision.

Thirdly,the organization should create an environment whereby the members canfreely communicate and challenge each other’s mental models of whyand how they do things. This will help individuals to change theirways of thinking for the betterment of the company. Fourthly, theorganization should find ways in which to promote personal mastery.This will help in individual evaluation of the members to know ifthey are succeeding in their personal goals and if not give them roomto think of ways to change to achieve their personal goals. Lastly issystem thinking, whereby the organization is able to interrelate theother learning characteristic to be able to solve problems within theorganization (Berson&amp Waldman, 2015).System thinking enables interrelationships between teams and systems,it helps the organization through logical and linear thinking to beable to understand the origin of and find answers to modern problems.

Thecomplex adaptive theory is an assortment of individual agents thathave freedom to do things differently but are interrelated to eachother and affect the result of the thing. It means that the action ofone agent is bound to interfere with how the organization will act ingeneral. The theory promotes nonlinear ways of communication to helpimprove and solve different situation. It also supports and promoteschange depending on environment and the situation at hand (Brown,2006).

Toachieve the change several resources are required. The first one iseducating the human resource through introduction of informallearning among the employees of the healthcare. This is whereby theygain more experience by freely learning from each other and byspecialization through continues repetition of tasks. Secondly, themanagement should provide training programs and materials to helpemployees learn in their job (Korniewicz,2015).The management should also reward and promote hard working employeeswithin the organization. Another thing is creating an environmentwhereby after someone has made a mistake there are able to learn fromit. Through following, it up and equip them with the requiredresources to avoid repetition of the same mistake. The other resourcethat is required is money for smoothly facilitation andimplementation of the changes.

Fromthe above, the world is changing and the old traditional ways ofrunning organization are being replaced by new ones. Organizationalissues are changing and rules should be flexible to allow change tooccur. Methods of communications should change to allow membersparticipate in decision-making. Organization should encourageteamwork among members for best results instead of all orders comingfrom just one department, the management.


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