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Mr.Hernández is a Mexican entrepreneur who was born in 1955 in MexicoCity. Hernandez family relocated to United States in 1970 and eversince, they have been living in Texas up to date. Mr. Hernandez holdsa master’s degree in business administration and an undergraduatedegree in Accounting. He owns the biggest Mexican restaurant in Texasthat border Houston and Pearland. The restaurant provides all sortsof Mexican dishes which are very tasty and delicious in favor of allthe American communities.

Mr.Hernandez has been the owner of the restaurant from the last sevenyears and he is actually the fifth owner since it was establishedback in 1930. As the owner of the big restaurant, Mr. Hernandez isthe chief decision maker there he ensures that all meals are made asper the consumer expectations. In addition to that, he has introducednew methods of preparing the meals that make them more delicious. Hehas invented new cheap ways of cooking the dishes which are efficientand effective (Mie, 169-177.).

Beinga holder of two degrees, Mr. Hernandez is fully equipped mentally onhow to run the business. Despite being a very senior person in thepremise, he always portrays himself as a very humble and caringperson to the employees and clients. He personally helps in servingcustomers whenever he is not busy with managerial work thusinteracting with customers personally. He ensures that meals are madeperfectly by the chefs and served in the right way.

Mr.Hernandez has been in the United States for more than forty years.This long stay has equipped him with adequate knowledge on how todeal with the people of America and also the immigrants. He hasunderstood the American culture precisely so he ensures thatcustomers are treated the way they should. He constantly encourageshis subordinate team to ensure that the interaction between them andcustomers help in building a good name for the company not spoilingthe good name.

Again,before he became the owner of this restaurant, he had been working inanother company as a supervisor. Working for another company grantedMr. Hernandez experience that is necessary now when he is the ownerof the company. He feels very much comfortable when he is “his ownboss” in the restaurant. He works hard to ensure that therestaurant make more profit through serving more customers in thelocality and neighborhood.

Thecultural identities which are more important to Mr. Hernandez are thebehavior of the United States people. The people like to berecognized anytime they come to the restaurant to get the meals theyprefer. For instance, a person will place an order informally thatanytime he comes to the restaurant he must find particular food.Although it is informal, they will claim that they communicated in anearlier day that the particular meal should be available and ready.He has been dealing with such cases over a long time so he hasadjusted the menu to fit all people who visit the hotel.

Thereare also effective storage facilities to keep food to ensure thatthose who make informal orders have their meals stored safely untilthey visit the restaurant. What a creative manager! The understandingof the culture has enabled the manager to plan as per theexpectations of the consumers.

Havingworked as supervisor in another company has contributed to theexcellent performance of Mr. Hernandez as a good leader. He learnedearlier how to deal with subordinates at a lower level so even now heapplies the same skills in his restaurant. He also has acquiredleadership skills via learning he has pursued businessadministration so he was trained to be a leader by the collegelecturers. Mr. Hernandez, though he says he is not a perfect leaderhe has really impacted on the company positively hence he is a goodleader. The mistakes he makes and corrections he receives nurture himto be a better leader.

Theobstacles and challenges Mr. Hernandez faced include competition,different customer tastes, time wastage by employees and economicinstability. From competition, he has learned to be creative andinnovative in order to come up with products which customer like morethan those of competitors. Winning customers is achieved by ensuringthat they are more satisfied with the services offered in therestaurant than when they go to other restaurants.

Hehas also ensured that he provides a variety of meals which concurwith various American cultures so that the different customer tastesare sorted. In addition to that, Mr. Hernandez always pays employeesin time so that they have high motivation to perform theirresponsibilities and reduce wastage of time. The economy isunpredictable so Mr. Hernandez ensures that he operates within thebudget to avoid making losses.

Fromthe obstacles and challenges that Mr. Hernandez has faced, he haslearned to be prepared on how to combat unusual happenings in future.Furthermore, he has also realized that not all cases requirecoercion sometimes managers make employees turn against themunawares. So he has been working on employee attitude to ensure thathe maintains the good rapport.

Mr.Hernandez leadership in the restaurant has led to a great impact toemployees’ performance, customer satisfaction and turnover, and thecompany’s finances. He has established a good rapport with theemployees by paying them well and in the agreed time. The employeesthus deliver their services to the firm wholeheartedly. Again,despite the stiff competition for the highly informed consumersaround, the Mexican Restaurant has been capable of maintaining itscustomers. In fact, more customers prefer this Restaurant as theyforgo other restaurants where they used to go before.

Thispositive change has emanated from the skills applied by Mr. Hernandezto guide and serve customers as kings with a lot of humility. Sincethe time Mr. Hernandez became the manager of the restaurant, it hasbeen making big profits unlike it was before. Before he became theowner, the business was only breaking even. This is a big differencewitnessed in the restaurant after the previous owner of therestaurant withdrew from being the owner.

Mr.Hernandez performance in the Mexican restaurant has taught as severallessons about leadership. For instance education is the basic skillof leadership. A person has to possess academic qualifications inorder to perform excellently too in business management. Humility isanother aspect which most leaders ignore but it is very fruitful ifemployed by them when dealing with customers and employees. A leaderhas to interact with the subordinates and customers informally tofoster good relationship.

Motivationto employees has also been exercised by Mr. Hernandez in the MexicanRestaurant. He ensures that employees are treated well, paid in timeand supported whenever they have problems in order to boost theirmorale. Motivated employees perform well for the organization.Leaders should be innovative I.e. they should be able to come up withbetter cheap ways of providing the services to customers. Explicitcommunication with subordinates also ensures that there is goodperformance because the manager gives instructions clearly toemployees on what to do and what not to be done.

Aleader takes responsibility of what is happening in the enterprise.Mr. Hernandez takes care of everything that happens in therestaurant. For instance, he finances all materials purchased by therestaurant and handles extreme issues of customer complains. A leaderalso has trust on his or her subordinates. Mr. Hernandez has verifiedthis by the authority he gives to some of his employees when he isbusy with other duties. He delegates some of his managerial work tobe chaired by his subordinates.

Mr.Hernandez views leadership as a chance offered by nature to test aperson of his or her ability to nurture it. A leader is given theopportunity to put things right where there were some things whichwere wrong. A leader should lead in the best way he or she can toensure that things are working in the right order. The people underthe leader should respect him or her but they should not feelintimidated to do anything. They should always feel free to worktogether with the leader in the issues concerning the enterprise. Mr.Hernandez believes that leadership means someone is anointed to leadpeople over a particular time and after his or her tenure, otherswill lead after him or her. A leader should model other people sothat they can become leaders in future.

Asa leader, Mr. Hernandez has been trained to deal with employees sothat they can stay together peacefully in the firm. In the college,he learned human resource management where he was advised what heshould do and should not do to human beings he is working with in thefirm. He is therefore cable of employing people and coexistingtogether without strange issues.

Inhis firm, Mr. Hernandez first advises the employees on how they canperform their duties well in the firm with least supervision. Theyare told to serve the customers wholeheartedly as they know that highyields for the firm will also lead to more bonuses to their accounts.He motivates them will good contracts with the other social welfareneeds considered too. The employees in the restaurant are advised totake customer as the king and keep good records of them too. Respectto the employer and the customer is the deal which ensures that peaceand harmony is realized in the restaurant.

Inthe restaurant, Mr. Hernandez has employed people from differentcountries and states (Rosabeth,7-10).These people have different local languages so they cannotcommunicate with the local languages in the restaurant. Therefore,the employees here have to learn English first before they qualify towork in the restaurant. Multilingual employees are highly consideredbecause they will help in handling customers who they have commonlanguage. The language barrier in the restaurant is solved by thelearning of international languages in schools which help bringpeople together.

Ichose Mr. Hernandez for the interview because we have been gettinginformation on the progress in the restaurant since the time hebecame the chief manager there. I had the curiosity to know muchabout how he runs the premise. I have a positive reflection towards aleader especially if he or she performs well. It is not by fluke thatan enterprise becomes successful but by the actions of the leader.Mr. Hernandez applies democratic or participative leadership style inmanaging his restaurant. He usually involves some employees indecision making process but he makes the final decision. From theinterview I have learnt that leaders are the causes of organizationalsuccess. The success comes from the leader’s effort in providingthe best suitable working environment to employees. The leaders’good work is always rewarded


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