Job Characteristics Model


JobCharacteristics Model

JobCharacteristics Model

TheJob Characteristics Modelis a behaviour approach of job enhancement. Themodel was coined by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham(Piccolo &amp Colquitt, 2006).In this project, I will analyse how to improve the jobs of customerservice representatives that I supervise using the model.

Useof the JCM model will involve first a review of the skills needed forthe tasks that the representativesperform. In the case of my company, these tasks include taking calls,researching information, and answering customer inquiries. I willneed to review the employees’ ability to perform the three dutiesmentioned. The third task will be to find out the effect andsignificance of the job to others. Othervital factors to be considered are the autonomy of the employees andthe feedback from clients.I will use a questionnaire to collect the information from thecustomer service representatives.

Iwill use the results from the data collected toredesign the jobs of the representatives critically.One of the ways of redesigning to ensure that employees are motivatedwould involve reassigning tasks depending on the individuals’abilities to complete them and job satisfaction of therepresentatives. For instance,those employees that feel more comfortable with researching forinformation may be put in posts concerned with data collection.

Asthe supervisor, I may give more autonomy to the employees if the datacollected is interpreted to mean that employees need more freedom towork. This is to avoid making them feel like they are being monitoredso that they feel free to do their workautonomously. I may also lobby the management to allow therepresentatives attend a dinnerwith the company executives to make them feel like their job isimportant and,therefore,increase their potentialmotivationalscore.


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