Journal Entry




Gettingfeedback on a piece of work helps one to become a better writer. Itis possible to give yourself feedback by reflecting on your work,especially after gaining new insights. Such reflection is a positivestep to improving the written content and developing your writingskills. This paper is a reflection of my week one assignment/topic ongun control.

Basedon the knowledge that I have acquired in the first two weeks of thecourse, my argument seems fair. However, there is still room forimprovement by providing additional quantitative data as evidence onthe need for gun control instead of concentrating on the methodsalone. The reader needs to understand first why it is necessary tocontrol guns before being introduced to the methods used to controlthem.

Theconclusion of the paper claims that gun control should be takenseriously leaving nothing to chance by enforcing restrictions to curbmurder and crime. The entire paper reinforces this conclusion andcites various relevant examples to drive the point home. The examplesand explanations offered in the paper are clear enough for anyprudent person who disagrees with the conclusion from the word go tounderstand and change his stance to be in line with that of theentire paper. Such a person would change his/her perspective afterreading the rest of the paper and approve the way the issue of guncontrol is addressed without any impartiality.

Answeringthese questions provides the feedback necessary for developing myargumentative writing skills. The questions emphasize the need ofgathering and using evidence in my work to support my position andconvince the reader. The questions also help me in assessing theevidence used to determine whether it is the right evidence and if isadequate to support my argument. Therefore, the way to make anargument more effective is by using the right evidence in sufficientquantity and linking it with the paper’s thesis and conclusion.