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Career is acrucial ingredient in anyone’s life. It comes from sacrifice andefforts that are worthwhile. So, career success is can be a measureof individual objectives and efforts. In order for one to excel inhis or her career, he/she needs to set smart, general and specificobjectives. Furthermore, career management is also a very vital partof anyone’s life. It includes managing career through differenttimes such as trials, tribulations and successes anyway, it’s okto fail at a given time and period. Failure is also a learningexperience in the growth curve. As they say, “not failingoccasionally means you are playing loser’s game.” In order todevelop strategically, key game-changers should be present:

  • Discover your deficiencies.

  • Sharing problems opens channels.

  • Actively remedy deficiencies.

  • Learn new skills

  • Forcing observation improvement.

  • Forcing a healthier lifestyle.

  • Teaching leadership skills

  • Only risk takers win

According to theWall Street Journal of 2014, Labor Department, economic growth hasbeen slow, inflation interest have remain low, and the geopoliticalturmoil have provided opportunities.

However, numerousrisks abound, if we say that risks imply opportunities:

  • Regional conflicts

  • Federal debts

  • Woeful infrastructure

  • Currency wars.

  • China/Russia slowing progress.

A case example is China. It hasexperienced the numerous risks that abound from risk taking. Suchchallenges are:

  • Loan losses.

  • Pollution

  • Demographic dilemma.

  • Infrastructure/property bubble.

Consequently, in order to win, weshould focus on the bright side. Winners must be different andportray some qualities that agree with positivity:

  • Correct organization

  • Good attitude

  • Incentives

  • Developing skills.

  • Beating the stress overload

  • Playing to win the battle (striving to excel).

Together, we can make a difference. Wecan get the country moving again. This is by:

  • Raising the retirement age

  • Reform insurance across the state lines

  • Setting up prevailing wage laws

  • Tax reformation

  • Openness and productivity of federal government

  • Encouraging legal immigration

  • Creating incentives for infrastructure revitalization

  • Killing crop and ethanol subsidies

  • Improve the national electric grid

  • Accounting transparency