Juggling College, Social and Family Life

JugglingCollege, Social and Family Life

Balancingall aspects of life may be a tough call to anyone. It is an essentialactivity that enables one to achieve a set of goals in all aspects.College, family and social categories, all seem important, butbalancing their demands is a challenge. When one fully participatesone of the three, other aspects are deprived of the attention. Forthis reason, it is important to create a balanced schedule thatallocates equal time and attention to all the aspects. Creating anample time for spending with people that matter in one’s life isvery important. The family may demand attention most of the time,while college demands more time, especially daytime. At the sametime, social life demands attention, especially when there areimportant social events to attend or a doctor’s appointment tocatch.

Oneis required to make balanced adjustments to his or her lifestyle thataccommodates important aspects of his or her life. For this reason,one is required to be creative to make an effective schedule. Thefirst step that is very vital to achieve this is by breaking one’slife into four categories. This is because social life involvesfriends and personal time. Allocating each category 25% equally, isan important process. This will ensure that there is no part that isleft out. It is however important to note that some categories maydemand more time. Especially, when there is a sick family member, abest friend’s wedding or big college projects. It is thereforeimportant to note that imbalances will always be there, but be guidedby the fact that they are not always permanent.

Thefact that imbalances will always be there makes it important tomonitor one’s activities on a monthly basis. Monitoring activitieswill enable one to stick to the schedule. Hence, when imbalanceshappen, they don’t disrupt the schedule too much. A monthlyevaluation is ideal since it helps in recognizing any imbalances andprompts changes. It ensures that only significant events areaccommodated.

Thenext important step is color coding. This is achieved by coloringimportant events in the calendar using different colors depending onthe type of category. It is therefore important for one to be keenall the important dates. This will help one to see at a glance allschedules for a month. Any aspects or categories that may lookdominating to the others will be easily noticed. It is easy tocalculate and know whether the 25% allocation, has been achieved. Theaim being that no imbalances occur. It is possible to mark out thosedominating areas and make appropriate adjustments.

Itis therefore important to interact with family members intimately anddiscover the events that will demand one’s attention. One needs todo the same to friends and all the people that matter too. This meanstaking a week doing the round up to get important dates that one willmark on the calendar. Having a school calendar and understanding theimportant dates that are essential to one’s studies is a detail tonote. At a glance, one is able to see his or her complete activitiesfor the month with events that are clearly marked in differentcolors. Using different colors will enable one notice the color thatis mostly missing out or dominating. The next step to take is makingeffective adjustments to complete that process. The results willconsequently have a reliving effect, even if one has not started yet.

Thenext step is communication. It is important to let people know one’sschedule. Having people know the adoption of a new lifestyle willhelp avert any possibilities of deviations. This step is importantbecause even if imbalances do occur as noted earlier, they will bemitigated or controlled. This can be achieved by communicating one’sschedule to people that matter, family or friends. Since school workis standard schedule, it is the most important detail to becommunicated. In this context all the big school projects or examsneed to be communicated. People may never know that unless onecommunicates effectively to them.

Communicationis fortunately easy these days with the presence of social media. Soinformation can be relayed to many people at the same time. It iseasy for people to understand and respect one’s lifestyle. Whenmaking progressive steps to one’s lifestyle, it is common forfamily and friends to show support. When this is done, it will be onvery rare occasions to have the schedules interrupted. Communicationis the key to achieving the set goals and ambitions. This is mosteffective in personal aspects.

However,it is important to note that there are those instances that willcause disruptions to the schedule. These are termed as the inevitablecircumstances that one cannot ignore because she is observing astrict schedule. Such instances are mostly prominent in the familylife. One cannot ignore when a family member falls sick or dies.There are those natural events that one cannot avoid. For thisreason, it is essential to expect the unexpected and reserve sometime for them and have an open mind in case of their occurrence. Thisis achieved by having a flexible calendar schedule that can beinterchanged appropriately.

Thefinal and most important step is reserving time for one’s self.Although this may seem like a selfish step, it is a very importantstep. This is because when one has time to relax or engage in his orher own activities she feels more relaxed and has more clarity. Allthe activities involved during this time are to recharge the body.They enable one to engage in all other areas effectively and with arecharged energy. To stick to one’s schedule is learning to say no.It is a challenging word to say to family members or friends, but itis an essential word to achieving one’s goals.