Junk Food Junk Food




Junkfoods consumption has increased significantly in Abu Dhabiirrespective of the health adversities linked with its consumption.


Thepurpose of the research will be to determine why the residents of AbuDhabi are attracted and consequently addicted to consumption of junkfood.


Theresidents of Abu Dhabi will form the population of the research.


Themore it is easy to acquire/access junk food the more the attachment

Themore they are advertised and displayed in the outlets the more theattachment

Thecheaper the junk foods the more preferable they become


Rateof consumption/addiction

Thereasons for consumption/addiction

1.How often do you consume junk foods?Ondaily basis, once in a while, 2.Do you take it because of convenience in terms of ease to acquireit?Yes,no3.To what extent do you think the taste of junk foods facilitate yourattachment to junk food consumption?Greatextent (1), mild extend (2), slight extent (3) 4.Doesjunk food’s cost effectiveness as opposed to organic foodsfacilitate your attachment to junk food consumption?Yes,no5.Did you start consuming junk food consumption out of peer influenceand does it facilitate your continued consumption?6.What is your rate on the role played by advertisements of junk foodson people’s attachment to junk food consumption?verysignificant (1), significant (2), not great significance (3),completely insignificant (4)7.Doesthe massive increase of junk food outlets and display of junkfoodslurepeople to buy and consume junk foods?Yes,no8.Does lack of sufficient natural/organic food in Abu Dhabi make peopleconsider junk food as their only food?Yes,no9.Doesthe attractive food colors of junk foods makes people to getattachedto consuming junk foodsand curious of tasting or exploring the newlyintroduced junk food?Yes,no10.Is it the nutritional value in junk foods that make people attachedtoconsumption of junk foods?Yes,no