Just War


Warexists in different capacities, and all of them aim to uphold thesafety of the community. There is a set of ideologies that can beused as a standard to know whether a war is just or not. Forinstance, a just war must be the last option and that all othernon-violent options must have been exhausted so that the use of forcemust be justified. Other measures can also be used to know if a waris just or not, for instance, if the level of injury inflicted on thepeople is proportional to the weapons used (May,20-29).Narrowing down to the movie “Enders Game”, there are variousaspects that can be considered in determining the type of war in themovie.

Explanationof whether the war in the movie Enders Game was a just war or not

Tobegin with, it is crucial to note that the idea of “just war” hasbeen debated for a while and various standards have been placed todetermine whether a war is just or not. Following keenly the theme ofthe movie Enders Game, I can conclude that the war in the movie is ajust war due to numerous factors. For instance, philosophers havepostulated that war is acceptable to uphold the good of thecommunity, and also it can happen when unjust consequences orinjuries are inflicted on other people that are innocent. Reviewingthe movie from this perspective, it is evident that the war in themovie is a just war. This is because the war in this movie aims atpreventing harmful results that will affect the entire world in thelong run. Since most of the occupants of the planet are innocent,then their protection makes the war in the movie to be a just war(Card,40-41).

Additionally,the war in the Enders Game is a just war because there are no othermeans to avert the threat. According to the storyline of the movie,previous methods to stop the threat had failed and therefore, therewas only one option to get through this threat. Besides, it was sucha big threat that they could not afford to ignore it. Therefore, theonly way out of this threat was war. War appeared to be the onlymethod to restore safety back to the community (May,56-65).

Lastly,the war seemed to have a better probability of success. Before theyresorted to war, the authorities had tested Enders ability severally.They were sure that the boy had enough knowledge to lead his crewinto this war. He had won some few wars previously in video gamesthat had almost the same level of complexity. Therefore, it wasexpected that Enders would come out a victor. Additionally, the meansof war did not create greater evil than the threat itself. In theend, the threat is stopped before it reaches its target, and thiseven seals that this is a just war. If the threat had reached itstarget, this would have implied the end of humanity and Enders meanto curb it prevented this consequence (Card,24-26).


Accordingto the factors mentioned above, it is evident that the war in themovie Enders Game is a just war. Considering that the safety of thecommunity was upheld even if it was done without Enders knowledge,then it was a just war (Card,30-34).


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