Kashi climograph

.2) The table below shows a climograph of Kashi (Kashgar) China. Onthe left axis are temperature digits in degrees Fahrenheit. While onthe right axis there is precipitation figures in inches. Thisclimograph shows average monthly precipitation and temperature in ayear.

a)Latitudeand longitudes of Kashi to the nearest one degrees are Latitude 39degrees North and longitude of 76 degrees East.

b)BWk, dry, arid mild climate found in the middle latitudes.

c)Rainfall is irregular and unreliable. At least the temperature ofone month is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, especially January andDecember.

d)Subtropical pressure zone dominates this climate during most of theyear. Its location from oceanic bodies always determines the climatetype. Rain shadows of surrounding mountains also affect theprecipitation level.


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