Labor Watch Site Analysis


LaborWatch Site Analysis

LaborWatch Site Analysis

Theselected watch site is the Labor Watch, and its site The organization seeks to advance the rights ofemployees and support them to make informed decisions about theirrelationship with employers. The issue being monitored by Labor Watchis the fair treatment of employees by employers and observation ofemployee rights. The site seeks to empower the employees about theirrights and how to advocate for better treatment by employers. LaborWatch achieves this by providing information to employees and unionsabout the availability of financial resources and legal counsel toassist them (Labor Watch, 2015).

Ingeneral, the overall status of the site represents Labor Watch as anactive organization in supporting employees and labor unions.However, the site does not pose a threat to the businesses, managersor business people. This is because the Labor Watch does not dealdirectly with the employers, but employees. The only concern for theemployers and businesspeople is that Labor Watch will empoweremployees to take more aggressive actions by strengthening theirunions.

LaborWatch is a site that carries a lot of influence on the relationshipbetween businesses and employees. By giving employee and unionssupport and information, Labor Watch makes them informed and equalnegotiators, the way, Labor Watch influences their negotiation andrelationship with businesses and employers (Labor Watch, 2015). Ingeneral, Labor Watch promotes equality in terms of information anddecisions making. Therefore, Labor Watch site is an organization thathas legitimate function that is needed in the business environment.


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