LCCC Bookstore Marketing Plan Outline

  1. Executive summary

  • The commodore bookstore was established at the time of the creation of the Lorain County Community College. The objectives of the business plan are to enlighten the community and help the bookstore to increase revenue by 4% every year

  1. Strategic objectives

  • Mission: “To improve the lives of our customers through information, education and research. LCCC greatly values the people of our community and responds to their needs by providing the best educational resources available in the market in an affordable and friendly package.”

  • Vision: “A thriving bookstore that is part and parcel of the educational and academic progress of our community.”

  • The bookstore’s competitive advantage is its unique set of merchandise. The main industrial trends are the diminishing reading culture and development of eBooks.

  1. Environmental analysis

  • This part addresses the main forces affecting the bookstore industry and the direct and indirect competition that Commodore bookstore faces. The business SWOT analysis is also provided.

  1. Marketing strategy

  • The business market is segmented into three parts, the college community, locals and others. The target market is the entire U.S’s college students. The bookstore positions itself as the center of enlightenment in Ohio.

  1. Marketing mix analysis.

  • The min products are textbooks and eBooks. Alternative products are gifts, merchandise and customized products for nurses and children.

  • The main services are book lending and shipping. Proximity to rivals and availability of substitutes determine the price.

  • The bookstore uses online platform to promote its books and other products and services. The main distribution channel is B-to-C.

  1. Recommended strategy

  • The bookstore shall aim to increase its customer base by expanding floor space ad opening up other distribution centers in across Ohio. An interactive website shall also be created to help reach a wider customer base.

  • The bookstore’s management every three months shall do evaluation and control.

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