Differencebetween Facebook and Myspace

Socialnetworking site refers to a platform for people with similarreal-life connections, activities, backgrounds, and interests. Theyinvolve a representation, often a profile, social links, and a numberof additional services. They consist of web-based services, whichallow users to develop a profile, establish a list of users withsimilar connections, and have connections across the interface(Purcell 12). Some of the examples of these social networking sitesinclude Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, and others. The paperhowever, will look into the differences between Facebook and Myspace.Although Facebook and Myspace are both social networking sites, thereexist differences between the two. A lot of people think that the twosocial networking sites are similar, but they are not.

Tobegin with, one major difference between the two is the look. Takinga look at both Facebook and Myspace, the sign up pages may berelatively similar but once one gets into the real design into theprogram, the difference is evident. The two have differentpersonalities in the design, especially the layout. Facebook’sdesign is not complicated, is clean, and clear with few informationor style (Mjos 43). In Myspace for instance, its users are in aposition to change their profile colors. They are also able toinclude flash applications to their pages, while no color change isdone in Facebook.

Secondly,both the two social networking sites have specific and differentapplications meant for different purposes. With Facebook, itsapplications have undergone drastic changes since it was launched.Facebook unlike Myspace has more than a million applications thathave been created by users. My going to “my favorites”, the useris able to find applications of his or her choice. There are funapplications such as “Events” and many more. With Myspace, thesocial site has three different but distinct functionalities, forexample, blog posts, bulletin board, and music applications (Feldman19). The user can write his or her post in the blog posting sitewithout having to host a blog, while at the same time adding up musicto one’s profile. If for example one is a musician or lover ofsharing music files, one is able to apply this application tosharing, hearing, and downloading music.

Theissue of privacy is different in both Face and Myspace. This isbecause initially, Facebook was then a private community for onlyHarvard University Students. It was therefore set up with the issueof privacy in mind (Feldman 20). Alternatively, Myspace in its rightwas targeted to having a larger group as its target and thus occupieda larger area with more visitors signing up. With Myspace, if theuser wants people to view to view his or her information andpictures, he or she will have to change the settings. On the otherhand, Facebook requires that the viewers to ask for one’spermission (Mjos 45). Facebook, unlike Myspace, is known to have wellelaborate and secure community.

Inaddition to the kind of designs of the two programs themselves, theinformation that is put in these two online communities varies andgreatly differs. Purcell (58) observed that the difference is thatone can put a lot of information in Myspace profiles, whereasFacebook programs do not require a lot of information. The option,however, is for one to choose the amount of information to be putinto the program. In Myspace, unlike Facebook, one is prompted to putmore information into it.

Inregard to target audience, Myspace was formed with music andentertainment in mind. It is easy to note that in Myspace, music,videos, and pictures, are filled in the site’s pages Purcell (61).The Facebook interface is based more on sharing information. TheFacebook pages are clear and clean with technology and information.The difference between the two sites basically reveals that one ifmeant for professionals, while the other cuts across the entire agegroups.

Interms of connectivity, Facebook is continuously trend upwards in thenumber of visits and accounts, and over the last five years, hasovertaken Myspace in popularity. Mjos (54) noted that Facebook ismore about “us” and less about “me”, with its main aimdrawing to connecting world community. When one logs into Facebook,the first thing that appears is the news feed of friends’activities, which one can comment on (Feldman 22). Considering otherpeople can do the same, there is the sense of community aspect withdiscussions on the notes, photos, and information updates, unlikeMyspace.

Inconclusion, even with the differences of these social networkingsites, their increasing versatility and popularity over the yearsmeans that social media sites are here to stay for a long time.Studies show that strong correlation between the two has some typicalorientation timing with Facebook unlike Myspace, creating rates.Users signing up for these social networking sites during theircollege days are therefore building networks with hundreds ofacquaintances and friends. Even with the distinct differences shownabove, both have one similarity connecting the world.


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Stereotypingin the Movie “Crash”

Differentmethods of multicultural and social differences are evidenced by themovie “Crash”. The movie gives insights of how these differencesaffect the society we live in. The paper focuses on stereotyping, abehavior identified as the root cause of evil in the society. Theissues identified are thoughts and feelings, which are almost, feltmore than once by every individual. Additionally, the paper examinestwo differences in how the director, Paul Haggis, saw by himself andhow other people saw in him. Again, one scene that brought strongemotions will be discussed.

Tobegin with, the movie “Crash,” demonstrates the kind of lives weas individuals are living from a divergent socio-economic class,while going through life-changing experiences. One instance where thecase of stereotyping is seen is between the racist police office anda woman who happens to be an African American. The woman is harassedby the police officer. The following day, the same African Americanwoman is saved by the same police officer. The two incidencesdemonstrates how stereotyping quickly changes and brings twodifferent people together. In the first encounter of the two, thewoman and the police officer clashed, which resulted in humiliationof the woman. The humiliation involves instances of racism and sexualdiscrimination, while her husband watched without doing anything. Thefollowing day, when the African American woman was involved in anaccident after confrontation with her husband, stereotyping of policeofficers in the society was shown by the woman when she began toreact aggressively immediately she saw the “sexually perverted,racist police officer” trying to assist her get out of the wreckedcar.

Thesecond instance is shown from the introductive scene, when a mansupposedly from a Muslim origin goes inside a firearm store. TheMuslim man wants to acquire a gun, while the owner of the firearmstore happens to be a white man from Caucasian origin. The firearmstore owner approaches the all situation with an ill-intentionedattitude and negative thoughts towards the Muslim customer because ofhis Muslim background. The thoughts of the owner is those ones whichtriggers negative attitudes, which is based on the stereotypes peoplehave on the Muslim community. Because the Muslims are associated withthe al-Qaeda terrorist group, the firearm store owner is havingstereotyping feelings towards the whole Muslim community. There is adifference in how the director of the movie “Crash,” Paul Haggis,saw and how other people saw in him. The difference is that thedirector saw in him the sensibilities he had. This included the “inyour face” divergent portrayals, views, and feelings he foundunacceptable in him. Having those feelings typically ensured that helived in denial. He saw himself facing the possibility of hisaudience experiencing the same feelings of honor and dignity withouthaving the stereotypes. On the other hand, other people saw him asthat person with sensitivity, especially when he chose to uncoverwhat people hold in terms of unending views about themselves andothers. Other people saw him as that person who consciously orunconsciously emphasized on not living in a kind of love-hateduality.

Inconclusion, the one scene that brought emotions from within me isthat one that involved the police officer confronting the AfricanAmerican woman. The police officer hated racism, and before herescued the woman from the wrecked car, he is seen as wise, whichmade me question the innocence of the person, which may not be asinnocent as one may think. The emotions that I felt were those ofmistrust towards people because of stereotyping within the society welive in.