Lifelong Medical`s Service Area Competitor Analysis

LifelongMedical’s Service Area Competitor Analysis

LifelongMedical’s Service Area Competitor Analysis

LifelongMedical Care is a nonprofit organization with over 14 locations,aimed at delivering quality healthcare services for all. Theorganization is a provider of safety net medical, social, and dentalservices in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. It also offers anAdult Day Healthcare Center services in the County of Marin. Thecommunity organization provides health services to over 40,000deserving individuals, with a lot of them experiencing health-relatedconditions annually (Ginter et al., 2013). Lifelong’s products andservices include heart 2 heart, dental care, numerous health centerhours, heath care services for all ages, patient-centered care,Oakland based urban gardens, prenatal care services, and supportivehousing program. The paper will look at Lifelong’s service areacompetitor analysis.


Inthe industry, the Lifelong’s main competitors are both small andmedium sized healthcare players that for a while establish theirpresence in the industry. Major competition threat emanates from LaClinica, Asian Health Services in Alameda. This is because theorganization is well-positioned to compete considering it has thebiggest market share of 20% (Zanoni, 2012). Those competitorsrequiring more attention include Prevention Institute in Alameda andAlameda Behavioral Health Care Services, Alameda. This is becausetheir market is growing annually at a speedy rate. As for AlamedaBehavioral Health Care Services, they recently bought out the EastBay Endoscopy Center that will oversee them add up a range ofproducts and services.

Competitors’Products and Services

Theorganization with closest similarity to our products is the LaClinica, Asian Health Services. Some of the products include betterdental care, heart 2 heart, supportive housing program, and prenatalcare products (West et al., 2015). However, the products that arebest available in the market is of Prevention Institute in Alameda,that are again are very much present in both their advertising andmarket. They have also had the best year in terms of better productsand services. Our clients have suggested that our product’sdurability can easily be improved considering they compared with thatof Prevention Institute in Alameda and La Clinica, Asian HealthServices.

Strengthsand Weaknesses

LaClinica, Asian Health Services is leading the pact all thanks greatlyto their success their prenatal care services and supportive housingprogram. Their prices are favorable in the market and with their topnotch client experiences only second to none. However, theirweaknesses include slight complains from the customers in regard tospace and overcrowded services centers (West et al., 2015). As forAlameda Behavioral Health Care Services, they have the best nursingservices, but their expensive products are not at our level.Prevention Institute relies largely on the success of their qualityprenatal services.

Strategiesand Market Overview

Itis evident that Alameda Behavioral Health Care Services are engagingin a cost reduction practice aimed at continued outsourcing boththeir recent programs to undergo previous redundancy outside thestate. This may lead to aggressive off-shore tactics however,Prevention Institute is also investing in their locality, whileensuring their services guarantees premium quality service programs(Zanoni, 2012). Additionally, industry shift appears to be dividingthe market in two sections. This is because some organizations areoutsourcing their services, while others are disposable locally. Thismarket overview has ensureS Benioff Children’s Hospital stays at areasonable market of over 4% (Ginter et al., 2013).


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