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Thegrowth of the theater and Art performing in the United States hasover time developed to a massive subject among the Americans. Thishas in turn led to the establishment of art related building such asthe Lincoln center. Lincoln center of the performing arts is one ofthe recognized centers in the U.S. when it comes to arts performingissues (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, 2015). This is acomplex building found in New York, Lincoln square and in theneighborhood of Manhattan region. The Lincoln center can be termed asa complex of numerous building that is dedicated towardsencouragements of new artists, and also used for presentation ofperformance from internationally recognized performers. The projectwas constructed between 1959 and 1972 (Lincoln Center for thePerforming Arts, 2015).

TheLincoln facility comprises of an estimated 30 outdoor and indoorperformance regions/facilities. Some of the theaters found in theLincoln center includes Alice Tully hall, David Geffen Hall, DavidKoch theater new York city ballet, Vivian Beaumont Theater, and Damrosch Park among other theaters. In simple summary, the DavidGeffen Hall is a hall within the main Lincoln Center, which is aconcert hall with a capacity of an estimated 2730 seats. The hall isadjacent to the Avery fisher hall, and is owned by the New York Citythe hall was opened in the year 1962. The Geffen hall was designed byAbramowitz Max and first came with the name Philharmonic Hall(Teachout, 2015).

DavidH. Koch Theater is another facility within the main Lincoln Center.It’s known for holding ballet, and dances. This theater is locatedat the intersection of 63rd street in the city of New York, and theColumbus Avenue. Initially, the facility was known as New York statetheater and has been regarded as the home of New York ballets (DavidH. Koch Theater, 2015). David H. Koch Theater was opened in 1964. Interms of location within the Lincoln center, it occupies the southside. It holds a capacity of 2585 seats. Since its building, thetheater has gone through a renovation to its current state with thelobby area many works of the modern arts (Lincoln Center for thePerforming Arts, 2015). With the link between the numerousfacilities, theaters, parks among others, the Lincoln Center remainsan iconic figure when it comes to issues to do with Arts.


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