Logistics Questions





Therules of the hours of service (HOS) for the motor carrier driverfollow the managerial type of regulation. If I was redesigning theHOS, I would consider the human aspect of the drivers and thetendency to get fatigued while at work. Therefore, I would keep thenew driving hours at 14 on duty, and maintain the same old 8 hoursoff-duty. However, I would introduce a 2-hour break for all driversafter serving a consistent six hours. After six hours, the driversshould rest for 2 hours and resume for another six hours, to a totalof 12 hours. But the total on duty hours would be 14, because the twohours of rest would still be counted as on duty hours. This wouldsolve the challenge of the current rules of having no break.


LogisticsValue proposition logistics is the matching of a company’soperational competency with the key expectations of the customers. Itis the capability of the supply chain of the company to meet theneeds of the customer with the right products, at the right time andfat the right quality. Therefore, the value proposition logisticsinvolves the production and delivery of products to the rightlocation and at the right quantity to meet the needs of thecustomers. To achieve this, a company engages in a customer servicetrade off with the operational logistics. One common customer serviceis increasing transportation costs to deliver goods at the right timeto high value customers. This ensures their loyalty and increasesfuture sales. Therefore, logistical costs increase as the level ofcustomer service services increases and also as a percentage of theGDP. This trend takes place because the value created improves thebusiness gains at the expense of the company’s logistical costs.