Management at Blue Sky Consulting Firm


Managementat Blue Sky Consulting Firm

Managementleadership involves doing what is best for the employees and theorganization as a whole. A good leadership style should be in aposition to overcome the challenges presented and also meet the needsof the employees. Different types of management leadership stylesdetermine the outcome and overall performance of the organization.

BlueSky has undergone a leadership change. Be sure to address thedifferences in leadership style and approach today and in the recentpast at Blue Sky.

Bluesky software consulting firm has undergone changes in terms of itsleadership this is among others change of the CEO. One of the majordifferences between the previous CEO and the current CEO is that theformer was an autocrat and had excess control over the employees andgave them little or no chance to make decisions on their own. On theother hand, the current (willis) is collaborative and engages inparticipative type of leadership style.

Theprevious CEO was not much of a team player, he believed that it washis company and he was the only one who knew what would be best todo. This shows that he was not a team player. On the other hand, thecurrent CEO believes that employees need to get together and makedecisions for better performance. The current CEO also possesses avision of where he wants the company to be in the future, unlike theolder leaders of the company who view new initiatives as threats. Theolder members are satisfied with where the company is at the momentand are not transformational.

Inorder for Blue sky to excel in its operations there is need to beopen to new management style which does not rely on a ‘boss’ tomake decisions. This culture is destructive as the employees tend tobe more dependent and may not be in a position to make even the minordecisions in the course of their business without their senior’sapproval.

Forevery organization motivation is a critical element. Be sure todiscuss and evaluate the approaches to motivation at Blue Sky now andin the past

Motivationarouses enthusiasm in employees and it is the management’s duty tomotivate its employees. One of the main approaches that the currentCEO of Blue sky uses to motivate the employees is use of delegationof responsibility. This is where the employees’ desire for apositive image is catered for and also increasing the potential andcompetency. For instance, in the past the regional directors at Bluesky firm were not being involved in decision making of the company’smajor steps. In the current management, the CEO has systematicallymade them a part of the team.

Performancebeing a function of ability, motivation brings a sense inclusivenesswhich makes a company’s performance in service delivery better. Thecurrent CEO believes that corporate culture should be of a caringnature and loyalty to its clients. The company’s core value is thatthe client must be satisfied which ultimately makes the companydeliver beyond the basic work needs and self- actualization.

Atblue sky the previous management did not seem to take care of theiremployees’ needs, this is because they had employed many people whoultimately ended up being adamant in realization of the company’sgoals. For instance some of the employees had a bad attitude of ‘it’snot my division thus not my problem’. This is because they did nothave a sense of belonging in the company.

Hasstrategic planning and decision-making changed at Blue Sky? If so,is this a positive change? Why?

Strategicplanning involves setting priorities right and making the rightdecisions so that operations of an organization can be strengthenedit also ensures that all stakeholders of the company includingemployees are working towards common goals. Strategic planning anddecision making has changed Blue Sky as a company and in a positiveway due to its brainstorming style of management and leadership andanalysis of alternatives (Hill &amp Jones 2014)

Prioritizationof goals and engaging in clear communications has helped the companyto have positive consequences. For instance in their bid to bring innew clients into the company, the current CEO decided that it wastime to let one of the founder members go because in his view andfrom some other employees he was blocking a way for new clientsentrants for the new software. In addition, James the co-founder wasneither open minded nor a risk taker, this is because he had been inthe company for so long but did not think of pursuing contracts withthe Japanese and the US who used their own internal software. Tominimize the damage, the current CEO decided to make the divisionwork together as a team and come up with a strategy of how to get newentrants in the market.

Thestructure of an organization and its control systems are designelements. Identify potential design and/or control problems at BlueSky and discuss applicable principles and theories of managementand/or human resource management that address these problems

Oneof the biggest fortunes of a company is the ability of managementability to manage its control systems, structure and design in such away that they suit the business model. Blue Sky Company has apotential of using the design of specialization. This is where anindividual employee concentrates on one activity rather than thewhole activity. This will bring positive change in the company asthey all become experts in their areas. In essence it also bringselicits a sense of belonging especially with the customers.

BlueSky Company uses geographical and customer departmentalization as adesign in its management, though this may bring some positives it mayalso bring about duplication of functions and individual employeesmay feel isolated from the organizational areas. This may not be goodfor the wellbeing of the company. In addition, it limits thecompany’s organizational goals (Flamholtz, 1996). For instance,service to Best Dollar Company is key at Blue sky and everymanagement decision that is made must cater for the best interests ofBest Dollar. This limits blue sky company from exploring.

Thebest management theory/principle that may be used at Blue Sky Companyis the Bureaucratic management theory (Noe, 2013) This theoryprovides for division of work in accordance with specificspecialization, a management that is clearly defined, impersonal andpersonal relations, usage of rational legal authority, selection andpromotion of individuals based on qualifications and most importantlyprinciples and procedures. This theory encompasses tolerates aleadership style that enhances a feeling of ownership and a sense ofpurpose. It also dismisses inhibiting dysfunctions that a company maybe faced with.

Inconclusion, a well management company should be in a position tostand firm even in the event of a crisis, this would mean that thework environment is stable and effectively managed.


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