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is considered as a competency. The managers and leaders will need tohave sufficient knowledge, skills and strength for them to employ aneffective management. The know-how and skills of individuals are mostessential in selecting managers and leaders. The competence of themanagement helps the organization in identifying its current andpotential competitive advantage. The management will need adequateskills and knowledge, especially when developing competitivestrategies in health care organizations. When dealing withorganizational resources including human factor, it is important toapply the most appropriate functions of management. A case examplegiven by Ellis M. revealed that competence is a vital principle inboth management and leadership and it involve assigning right peoplein the right place and the right time.

Fromthe above argument, management should not be confused as capabilitiesas many normally do. Capability tends to measure the organizationalattributes but not peoples attribute. The ability of healthcareorganizations to deploy its resources and competencies results tocapability. The capability is based on particular functions whilecompetence in based on the general functions of management.Organizations should also be capable of applying appropriatestrategies that will ensure value adding to their stakeholders. Thecapability of the organization also creates rooms for flexibility ofthe health care organizations in their dynamic organization. Inconclusion, we can see that without competence, there is nocapability. Therefore, management is all about competence since it’sthe competence that create capability.