Mapping in Literature Review

Mappingin Literature Review


Literaturereview helps learners identify, evaluate, and interpret the work thathas been published in a particular area of study. The amount ofworkload, regarding data, can be somewhat overwhelming for beginningresearchers. To counter this predicament, researchers have resortedto mapping, as a tool for synthesizing critical findings andrevealing the complexity of the topic being investigated in a mannerthat is manageable (CASCADE, 2012).


Hart(1998: 16) reveals how researchers can create a road map to help themconduct a literature review:

  • Concentrate on a Particular Topic/Problem – The relationship between job turnover rates and financial literacy in black males.

  • Relate the issue or problem in a manner that depicts a balance between methodological, theoretical, and practical aspects – There`s a need for research that connects between undergraduate rates among African American males accesses to financial literacy.

  • Define the appropriate research methodology, basing on existing literature – Quantitative /Correlation Design.

  • Offer a critically evaluative and analytical stance that relates to the literature that exists on the topic – RQ 1: Is there a relationship between job turnover rates among African American males from ages (21-25 years of age) and access financial literacy programs?

RQ2: Is there a relationship between African American families` accessto financial literacy programs and African-American male graduationrates?


Mapsare used to structure literature review papers (Alias and Suradi,2008). In my research, I intend to highlight the top, most conceptsas titles and the lower concepts as subtopics. Thus, in the end, Iwill use the structure, content, and organization of the map as theframework for my literature review. In addition, I will also use thematerials I will read to make my work more comprehensive and of highquality.


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