Marketing Strategies



Apropensity model is a scorecard that is mainly statistical it makesa prediction on possibility of certain outcomes. It may be used ondatabase to score on all of a company’s prospects based on pastobservations and understanding that the customers are likely tobehave in a certain way. Propensity modeling helps a company focustheir resources and attention on customers who are likely to beprofitable.

Trainingand development agency for schools return to teaching programme is anagency that is used to help teachers who are willing to go back totheir profession. The programme was mainly based on connecting theteachers with course providers. Through EWA’s intervention, theprofiles of the programmes were enhanced, emphasis on benefits of thecandidate as opposed to what they require, and the course providerswere able to get the batch of teachers who were really interested ingoing back to classes.

Anothercase study is that of Waltshire Farm Foods a company that providesfrozen meals directly at the door. The company was experiencing arate of low orders and low rates of cross sell in key product ranges.By using EWA’s approach of developing a marketing database linkedto the company’s own transactional database through a secure VPN,the company was able to increase its sales. The digital CRM wasfocused on customer development and customer retention and thusdesigned a communication programme that was unique to every customer.Another successful EWA’s case is that of Merial Organization whichwas helped to beat competition by enhancement of its customerservice.

Otherorganizations that are struggling with an under developed customerbase, low numbers of high value customers and lack of contact centersto enhance communications can improve the situation if they utilizedthese sorts of data mining analysis. The organizations just need tohave strategic plans and implement analysis processes among thembeing cross sell analysis and making customers your assets.

Othercompanies that offer business analysis include Invest Ottawa, WestPacific Marketing Consultants and Top Right Partners,