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MISin Your Pocket

  1. What kinds of applications are described here? What business functions do they support? How do they improve operational efficiency and decision making?&nbsp

Oneof the applications described in the case study is the electronicmedical record system, an application practiced by DoylestownHospital. The system delivers information on vital signs, labresults, medications, nurse notes, etc., to help in accuratediagnosis and treatment of patients. The case study has alsodiscussed medical reference applications such as EpocratesEssentials, an application that helps in the accurate interpretationof lab results and retrieval of medical information. The otherapplication is D.W Morgan`s ChainLinq Mobile application that updatesdelivery, assembles signatures and offers GPS follow-up of each boxit delivers. Moreover, other simple applications discussed in thecase study are Smartphone`s applications such as photo-sharing, textmessaging, browsing, calendars and emailing.

Theseapplications are use by employees to enhance efficiency througheffective communication and quick access to up-to-date information.For instance, MediTech application allows physicians and nurses toaccess medical records with ease, anywhere and at any time.Previously, the old paper recording for medical information wascumbersome and time-consuming. Epocrates Essential applicationenables the employees in medical institutions obtain up-to-datemedical information and gain a deeper understanding of lab results.Smartphone’s application such as emailing helps medical employeeskeep in touch at all times. All the applications describe in thiscase study support crucial business functions such as accurateinformation sharing and effective communication, which are keyfactors contributing to operational efficiency. The use of theseapplications helps a company save time and money hence improving theoverall efficiency. Efficient decision-making relies on promptness,accurate information sharing and efficient communication. All thesefunctions are enhanced by these applications hence impactingpositively in a company`s decision-making process.

  1. Identify the problems that businesses, in this case, study solved by using mobile digital devices.

Companiescan solve various business problems through the use of mobile digitaldevices. For instance, through emailing, a doctor may consult otherphysicians on the crucial information required to carry out a medicalprocedure. In many medical institutions, the primary challengesurrounds the issue of medical records retrieval. The mobile digitaldevices allow medical employees efficiently manage medical records.Easy access and sharing of medical information allows efficiency andhelps in solving complex medical problems. In many instances,emergencies arise in medical institutions. The Smartphoneapplications such as text messaging and phone calls allow thesupporting medical personnel to reach out to doctors and physicians,who are equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to handle suchsituations and save patients’ lives.

Anotherprimary challenging issue in the medical field leading to medicalerrors is the wrong interpretation of lab results. An applicationsuch as Epocrates Essentials helps medical personnel make theaccurate interpretation of lab results needed to avoid wrongtreatment and procedures, hence enhancing patient safety. Protectingpatient information to ensure a high level of confidentiality isanother major challenge confronting many medical institutions. ASexplained in the case study. Doylestown department of informationsystem has used digital devices to achieve optimumsecurity through validation of system users and keeping track of useractivity. D.W. Morgan, a supply chain consultant, is solving allissues related to shipping operations using mobile digital devicesapplications. Besides, tracking of parcels under shipment, ChainLinqMobile allows Morgan provide immediate proof of delivery, an issuethat up to date, present challenges to his competitors.

  1. What kinds of businesses are most likely to benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices such as iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerrys?

Almostany kind of business stands to reap major benefits by equipping itsemployees with mobile digital devices. The internet and social mediaplatforms are common nowadays and have become the primary means ofcommunication and interaction. Therefore, any business with an aim toexpand customer base and enhance interaction with customers willconsider equipping its employees with devices such as Smartphone,iPads and BlackBerry. It is clear from the case study that medicalorganizations stand to reap various benefits by equipping theiremployees with digital mobile phone devices. In today`s globalizedmarkets, almost every business is adopting online marketing andshopping. Therefore, both profit-oriented and nonprofit ones stand tobenefit from digital devices` applications. In the express industry,mobile digital devices are crucial since they enable the employees toaddress all the challenges that might arise to ensure timely deliveryof parcels.

  1. D.W. Morgan’s CEO has stated, “The iPhone is not a game changer, it’s an industry changer. It changes the way that you can interact with your customers and with your suppliers.” Discuss the implications of this statement.

D.WMorgan implies that the iPhone is a device that is greatly impactingon how businesses are interacting and addressing customer andsuppliers issues to ensure satisfaction. Mobile digital devices suchas the iPhones are not just for fun, but applications that are beingused by industries to enable efficient communication and interactionwith the suppliers to ensure customer expectations are met. Throughthe iPhone and other digital devices such as the Smartphone,industries are constantly interacting with their customers all overthe world to detect changes in their preferences. Throughinteractions with customers and suppliers through the iPhone,businesses can implement efficient strategies such as product designand service delivery to meet their customers` expectations. Forinstance, in the medical industry, iPhone are being used to enhanceinteractions between the employees to ensure patients` issues arepromptly and accurately addressed. Therefore, iPhones and othermobile digital devices can be argued to enhance patient safety andquality of care in the medical industry.


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