Modern Day Commandments


A change of the commandments to reflect and fit into the currentworld may help to solve the current crimes and unfairness in theworld. The following is a set of field laws that apply to thevarious conditions in the world.

1. Thou Shall Protect and Respect all Human Life

This law may help to curtail the modern justified killings in thedifferent societies. It can also be a universal law for all religionssince there has been a wave of deaths in the name of serving a deity. A good example is the Jihad wars. It can also help to quell theinter-country wars that are always on the verge of erupting.

2. Thou Shall Fulfill the Promises You Make

With the modern politically charged world, there is a dire need forgovernments to keep the promises they make before ascending to power.It will settle the massive demonstrations against the governmentsacross the world. Also, the inter-personal duels should besignificantly reduced.

3. Thou Shall Value the Future in a Time Scale Larger than YourLife

The law will apply to save the world from degradation and theunstable releases of carbon dioxide leading to high levels of globalwarming. It will sustain the environment and save the futuregenerations from a compromised environmental safety.

4. Thou Shall not Deny Others Their Liberty

Here is still a significant level of discrimination directed towardspeople regarded as inferior in the society. There is also a constantreporting of taking people hostage by militia groups and recruitingchildren in war denying them their freedom. The commandment willcurtail people from taking undue advantage over others.

5. Thou Shall Benefit from Living in and Supporting a Just Society

In the modern world, justice and fairness are imperative forupholding the rights of others and avoiding discrimination. Both thejudicial and political regimes are primary institutions that canuphold justice. This commandment will instigate the relevantinstitutions to value and support justice in the society. It will bea remedy for oppressive and tyrannical rules that always result incivil unrests.

These are commandments have a comprehensive approach, and they cansolve most of the problems affecting the modern society. They willalso protect nature and render it able to support life in days infuture.