Moral Imagination



Womenare capable of accomplishing what men can do because they are thesame. They have the same qualities as women of providing leadershipand managing their responsibilities. By hiring the female candidate,MyBigIdea would be diversifying its board resources by incorporatinga as much as males and females are the same, there arecertain aspects that female understands better than males and viceversa. Including a woman on the board provide an additional resourceto the board by ensuring that decisions requiring gender aspectswould be easily determined. It also shows the extraordinary respectthe organization has towards women, thus, encouraging them to seekpositions in directors and executive positions of major corporationsin Canada and the United States. Hiring the female candidate would ajealous move because it is motivated by the projected synergyattached to the candidate and increasing profit, share price, andmarket dominance.

Moralimagination would lead the board to make the most ethical, fair andwise hiring the male candidate, the organization would eagainst its policy and the directives of the regulator. The move islikely to draw a bad name of the chairperson of the board and paintit as a biased gender organization when it comes to recruitment.Hiring the female candidate would be the best decision for theorganization. The female candidate has experience with stimulatinggrowth in new firms within the same industry. Also, the organizationwould be in line with its policy goals and regulatory requirements.The company will grow, therefore, benefiting all the stakeholders andthe good name of the company would be maintained. The board would bemaking a prudent decision is it hires the female candidate becausethe move satisfies multiple stakeholders.