My Nursing Ethic

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An important factor that any nurse should bear in mind is howimportant they are in the life of anyone coming through their hands.The importance of nurses can be related to every aspect of anindividual’s life. Be it when you are born or when you get ill as achild or adult or even during the close of your life span, a nursewill always be present. As every profession has values that assistthem in their day to day activities with the clients, nurses too havea common set of values worldwide that are used to help them inensuring they provide the utmost care for every patient.

A principle value and one that is highly indispensable for rehabcenter nurses is having a great knowledge base (Sigma Theta TauInternational, 2012). Knowledge is a highly important factor in thenursing profession because it helps in ensuring that there is cordialrelationship between patient and nurse. Knowledge is also animportant factor because it ensures that nurses respond with relevantmeans to any situation that they encounter. Cultural values, coupledwith personal and spiritual values play an immense roe towards myduties as a nurse. It is such values that ensure I, as a nurseprovide equal services to all the patients under my care and ensurethey complete healing from the medical challenge they are facing.


In respect to the practice of nursing, values are the beliefs thatrehab center nurses have on the patient’s well-being or could alsobe defined as the actions nurses are in requirement to perform whileattending to a patient. Another great definition of values is thatthey are ideas which should be developed by nurses while In theprocess of treating a patient (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2012).Values are very important in our profession as it helps us indeveloping decisions which are sound in reference to a givensituation.

The medical dictionary defines ethics as a systematic set of rules orprinciples governing the right conduct. Ethics are those rules thatgovern the nursing practice. Ethics are those fundamental principlesthat help us perform our duties in manners which are acceptable andright. With valued assistance from ethics, nurses get the ability toprovide the best possible treatment to patients under their care. Inthe nursing industry morals are defined as the rules which help onein deciding what is prudent or right. Morals can also be defined asan individual’s standard of behavior or beliefs that are concernedwith that which is acceptable (Fowler, 2012). A situation could arisewhereby a patient is very ill to the point where they require a lifesupport machine so as to survive. Ethics provide the suggestion thatpatients deserve a right to life and all measures necessary should beprovided so as to ensure this right to life is protected (Fowler,2012).


At times during the course of your practice, ethical dilemmas come topass and engage into conflict with your personal opinions. It is apersonal belief of mine that, morals are of great significancebecause they help nurses provide impeccable treatment to patients.Morals help to inform nurses that they have a set of obligations asnurses and individuals towards patients and it is with this thatnurses end up having to provide excellent services (Burkhadt &ampNathaniel 2014).

Ethics dictate some rules as well as procedures that any nursingprofessional should take into consideration when performing theirduties. I am of the belief that ethic are significant due to the factthat they provide invaluable assistance on how to perform yourduties. In my view ethics enable nurse to perform and provide theirservices with utmost professional competence and equality regardlessof a patient’s condition or origin (Burkhadt &amp Nathaniel 2014).

Despite the fact that morals and ethics set a threshold and set ofprinciples to be followed by nurses, I have come to a realizationthat, a few of the ethical dilemmas I have happened to come acrossshould be handled in harmony with the opinions of the nurse inquestion. Nurses should ensure that all ethical dilemmas are handledin a way that is prudent, and in a way that it would minimizeconflict with a patient’s values. Sometimes my personal valuesaffect how I make decisions (In Tingle &amp In Cribb, 2014). This isa result of the fact that I have to base my decisions in compliancewith ethics yet at the same time the decision could be in conflictwith what I believe as an individual should go on.

My Ethics

PASSION: Why am Ihere? i chose the nursing profession because I wanted to provideexcellent and quality services to the people who need healthcareservices.

MOTIVATION: Whatmoves me to act? My motivation to act on a situation is anydiscomfort and suffering I witness from the patients i see.

INSPIRATION: Whatkeeps me in motion? What inspires me is my confidence in theknowledge that I have gathered throughout my years. My persona valuesare also a source of great inspiration and also the exceptionalphysicians who have helped patients and under their care.

LOYALTY: Whom doI serve? My service is dedicated to all the patients whom I comeacross to ensure they get the utmost professional care.


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